Like and Would Like- Make me say yes speaking game


By: Alex Case
Level: Beginner
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Verbs and Tenses
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Lesson Plan Content:

Like and Would Like- Make me say yes speaking game

Choose one of the things below that you think your partner does and enjoys or doesn’t do
but would enjoy and ask the right “
Do you like…?” or “Would you like…?” question to get a
positive answer. Note that you might need to change the grammar and/ or add words to
make the thing below fit into the question that you want to make.

Useful language
Positive responses
Yes, I do. I love it.
Yes, I think so.
Yes, I’d love to.
Yes, I would. In fact I used to do that.
Negative responses
No, I don’t.
I used to, but…
Actually, I never do that. (I used to though/ I would like to though).
Actually, I’ve never tried.
No, I don’t think so. It’s not really my kind of thing.
Actually, I already do that (sometimes/ often/ all the time).

be famous

be fit

be rich



bungee jump

cook French food

cook Thai food

date a colleague (= co-worker = workmate)


do adventure sports

do boxercise

do computer programming

do different things every day

do martial arts

do Skype English lessons


eat snails

flower arrangement


get up very late on your days off

go rock climbing

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

go snorkelling

go to different places every day

go to the opera

have a house full of things

have a pet

have a smartphone

have foreign friends

ice skate


learn new words every day

live in a house

live with your boyfriend/ girlfriend

make homemade juice

make your own bread

make your own jam

make YouTube videos



play the violin

read English newspapers

read English novels

ride a motorbike

roller skate

save money


speak German

spend all your money

study other languages

study Spanish

use English at work

watch 3D movies

watch Bollywood movies

watch Iranian movies

work with disabled people

work with handsome guys/ pretty women

Continue the same game, but this time with your own ideas for things to ask about.

Written by Alex Case for © 2015

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