Like and would like movies speaking


Talking about preferences and desires with useful movie vocabulary

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Like and would like movies speaking

Do you (generally) like


How do you feel about

(name of actor/ director)?

(name of character/ name of series) movies?

3D/ 4D movies?

Bollywood movies?/ (nationality) movies?

action movies?

(computer) animation?

arty movies?/ art house movies?

being scared/ shocked/ confused/…?

big screens?


black and white movies?

(bad-taste/ slapstick) comedies?

costume dramas?/ historical dramas?

difficult plots?

director’s cuts?


dubbed movies? – subtitled movies?

fast-paced movies? – slow movies?

feelgood movies?/ uplifting movies? – sad movies?/ tragedies?

(gory/ psychological/ Japanese) horror movies?

indie movies?/ low budget movies?

late night showings?

long movies? – short movies?

matinee shows?


movies about…?

movies directed by…?

movies set in…?

murder mysteries?/ whodunits?




sci-fi?/ fantasy movies?

sequels? – prequels?

silent movies?

superhero movies?



weird movies?

(spaghetti) westerns?

YA movies?/ young adult movies?


Ask a “Do you like…?” question about movies and then a “Would you like…?” question about movies like those in the tables above and below. You get one point for each yes answer, plus one more point if the two questions (and therefore the two answers) are related (so that you can say “So/ In that case…?” with the second question).

(In that case) would you like to


(So) do you want to

borrow (name of movie that you have on DVD)?

borrow the CD of the (name of movie) soundtrack?

buy a new TV (with a bigger screen/ 3D sound/…)?

come round and watch…?

go to (name a film festival)?

go to (name of cinema)?

go to a drive-in cinema (to see…)?

go to the cinema…?

read about…?



see (name of a play or musical related to a movie)?

see (name of movie)?

see a film by (name of director)?


subscribe to Disney Plus?

watch a documentary about…?

watch the digitally restored version of…?

watch the remake of…?

watch the sequel to…?

watch the prequel to…?

watch the spinoff from…?

watch… at the cinema?

watch… on Amazon Prime?

watch… on Netflix?


What are the differences between “Do you like…? and “Would you like…?”

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