Magic E drawing and miming game


Gestures and sketches to illustrate the meaning of words with and without E at the end

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Magic E drawing and miming game

Use gestures and/ or a pencil to show the meaning of one of the words below until your partner guesses which you chose. Ones which are in italics are probably easy to draw, and ones which are underlined are probably easy to mime, but you can use any way you like as long as you don’t speak or write words. When there are two on one line, it may help to draw the other one with a cross through it or mime the other one then cross your arms to show what it is not. Your teacher will tell you which thing or things from here the guessing person should do:

  • pronounce the word
  • say “Magic E” or “No Magic E”
  • spell the word



  • hat/ hate
  • mad
  • plane
  • same
  • pet
  • time
  • not/ note
  • cut/ cute



  • cap/ cape
  • mat
  • tap/ tape
  • pet
  • bite
  • hide
  • quit
  • sit
  • slim
  • win/ wine
  • hop/ hope
  • rob
  • super



  • can/ cane
  • fat
  • rat
  • kite
  • pin
  • rip
  • stripe
  • cube



  • dime
  • fin
  • pipe
  • ride
  • shin/ shine
  • slide
  • spin/ spine
  • spit
  • whip/ wipe
  • wok
  • tube



  • dam
  • man/ mane
  • pan
  • pat
  • van
  • grip
  • trip
  • dot
  • mop
  • nod
  • slope
  • plum
  • rub
  • rudder
  • run
  • shut


Ask about any which you couldn’t understand, weren’t sure how to draw or mime, etc.

Test each other on the words above and Magic E:

  • Say one of the words above and see if your partner can make a mime and/ or drawing to represent the meaning
  • Say one of the words above and see if your partner can say if it ends in Magic E or not
  • Say one of the words without Magic E above and see if your partner can say how it would be pronounced with Magic E after it (even if that word isn’t above)

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