Make Your Own Conditionals- Discussion Questions


Students use suggested question stems and topics to make first conditional, second conditional, 3rd conditional and mixed conditional conversation questions for each other, with a suggested link to a Business Partner B2 video.

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Theme: General
Study Area: Conditionals
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Lesson Plan Content:

Make your own conditionals discussion question

Take turns asking each other questions including the words below, on any topic you like. You can also ask follow-up questions such as “Why…?” if you like.

Conditionals question stems

  • Do you… when…?
  • How different would… be if…?
  • How would… change (…) if…?
  • How would… have been different if…?
  • How would you… if…?
  • If money was no limit,…?/ If you didn’t have to worry about money, …?
  • If you can (…),…?
  • If you could choose,…?
  • If you could…,….?
  • If you had been able to…,….?
  • If you had been born…,…?
  • If… had been different,…?
  • If…, do you…?
  • In a perfect world,…?
  • In what kinds of situations do you…?
  • In what kinds of situations would you…?
  • Under what circumstances would you…?
  • What do you do when…?
  • What will you do if/ when…?
  • What would happen if…?
  • What would have been your second choice if/ when…?
  • What would have happened if…?
  • What would you have… if you had(n’t)…?
  • When…, do you…?
  • Who do you… when…?
  • Who would you… if…?
  • Will … be (very) different if/ when…?
  • Will you … if/ when/ as soon as/ before…?
  • Would … be (very) different if…?
  • Would … have been (very) different if…?
  • Would you change … if…?
  • Would you (be able to) cope if…?
  • Would you do the same again if…?
  • Would you have… if you had(n’t)…?
  • Would you… if you had(n’t)…?
  • Would you… if you…?

Ask about any questions you couldn’t make or weren’t sure how to answer.

Use the suggested topics below to help with or continue the discussion above. Your teacher will tell you if you can still use the suggested questions stems above or not.

Suggested topics for conditionals discussion questions

  • Activities in different weather
  • Advice for your younger self
  • Alternative realities
  • (Thwarted/ Difficult to achieve) ambitions
  • Changes
  • (Life/ Big/ Second/ Better) choices
  • Decisions
  • Different…
  • Difficult situations/ Difficulties (natural disasters, etc)
  • (Unattainable) dreams/ Fantasizing
  • Future possibilities
  • Getting help/ Helping
  • Historical figures/ events/ periods
  • Life swapping
  • (Good/ Bad) luck
  • Making the most of…/ Taking advantage of…/ Seizing the day
  • (Making up for) mistakes/ bad decisions
  • Moral dilemmas/ Ethical dilemmas
  • (Missed) opportunities
  • (Choosing between) options
  • Preparations
  • (Other possible/ Normal/ Typical) reactions (to different situations, feelings, etc)
  • Regrets
  • Reincarnation/ Other lives
  • Safety
  • Sci-fi scenarios
  • Second chances
  • (Lack of) skills
  • Things you never did/ said/…
  • Time travel
  • (Un)usual situations/ circumstances

Ask about any topics you can’t imagine questions about, then make more questions about those topics without the help of the question stems on the previous page.

Make similar questions about these (related) topics in different situations:

  • openness/ transparency – secrets/ confidentiality
  • PR/ whitewashing/ greenwashing/ cover ups
  • whistleblowing
  • non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

Watch a related video (Business Partner B2 6.3.1) and answer these questions:

  • What information has Emma just learnt about their distributor SendAll?
  • What are Claudio’s and Emma’s (different) ideas about what they should do related to the info and their business partner Sanjit/ EN-Tek?
  • What would you do in that situation?

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