Meeting for the first time and again- needs analysis and questions review

Level: Intermediate

Topic: Business English

Grammar Topic: Questions

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Meeting for the first time and again- needs analysis and questions review
Without speaking to anyone else yet, fill in all the information you know about the other
person/ people in your group in the gaps below, with “?” if you aren’t sure. If you have two
partners, your teacher will give you another sheet or ask you to split this one in two. 

Name (of the person answering the questions)

Work (job title, company/ division/ department/ section/ group/ team, duties/ 
responsibilities/ use of English, boss, colleagues/ co-workers/ workmates, 
busyness, business conditions, present projects, workplace, etc)


Languages (first language, foreign languages, language studies, language exams,
use of English, etc)

Personal life (free time, hobbies, family, friends and acquaintances, media such as
TV, movies, music, sports, appearance, etc)

Future (plans, arrangements, schedule, ambitions, etc)

Other information

Ask questions to find out more about your partner, writing at least one more thing in each
box above if you can. Make sure that you don’t ask about things which you already know. 

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