Multiple Literacies


By: Richard Flynn
Level: Advanced
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: General
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Multiple Literacies

In most lines, there is a word which is spelled incorrectly. In the spaces on the right,
w r i t e t h e i n co r rect w o rd o r p u t a t i c k t o s h o w t h a t t h e l i n e i s c o r re ct .

1. We are in the middle of one of the most strikeing technological revolutions in

2. history, changing everything from the ways in wich we work

3. to the ways that we communicate and how we spend our liesure time.

4. This revolution centres around computers and informations technology

5. and is often interpretted as the beginnings of the knowledge society,

6. Therefore, it ascribes a central roll to education in every aspect of life.

7. This transformation posses tremendous challenges to education to rethink

8. its basic tenetts and to use these technologies in creative and productive ways,

9. and to restructure schooling.

10. We need multipal literacies for our multicultural society; we need to

11. develope new literacies to meet the challenges presented by the new technologies

12. Education today needs to foster a variety of new types of literacies to

13. to empower students and to make education relevent

14. to the demands of both the present and future.

1. ____

2. ____

3. ____

4. ____

5. ____

6. ____

7. ____

8. ____

9. ____

10. ____

11. ____

12. ____

13. ____

14. ____

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