New Year- Continuous State Verbs


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Grammar Topic: Verbs and Tenses
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Published: 23rd Dec 2007

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New Year Future Continuous/ State Verbs 

Worksheet 1- Writing, listening and speaking 

Fill in at least half the sentences below with something true for you: 


This time next year I'll 


be thinking about________________________________________ 


be worrying about_______________________________________ 


be living in ___________________________________ 


be planning to ___________________________ 


be wearing ____________________________________ 


weigh _____________________________________ 


be feeling _________________________________ 


have _______________________________________ 


want _______________________________________ 


belong to ___________________________________ 


look ________________________________________ 


be practising ________________________________________ 


be preparing for _____________________________________ 


(If you have no ideas for what exactly will be happening, you can use vague language like: 

“almost exactly the same as now” or “something completely different to now”) 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


New Year Future Continuous/ State Verbs 

Worksheet 2- State Verbs Grammar Presentation 

Some of the verbs on Worksheet 1 were not used in the Future Perfect Continuous because they are State 

Verbs that cannot take –ing. Without looking back at Worksheet 1, cross out the forms below that are not 

correct because the –ing form is impossible (the Will + Infinitiuve form is always okay) 

I’ll think about/ I’ll be thinking about________________________________________ 


I’ll worry about/ I’ll be worrying about_______________________________________ 


I’ll live in/ I’ll be living in ___________________________________ 


I’ll plan to/ I’ll be planning to ___________________________ 


I’ll wear/ I’ll be wearing ____________________________________ 


I’ll weigh/ I’ll be wearing _____________________________________ 


I’ll feel/ I’ll be feeling _________________________________ 


I’ll have/ I’ll be having _______________________________________   


I’ll want/ I’ll be wanting _______________________________________ 


I’ll belong to/ I’ll be belonging to ___________________________________ 


I’ll look/ I’ll be looking ________________________________________   


I’ll practice/ I’ll be practising ________________________________________ 


I’ll prepare/ I’ll be preparing for _____________________________________ 

Check your answers with Worksheet 1. If there is no –ing form on Worksheet 1 it is incorrect for that 

meaning of the verb and should be crossed out on Worksheet 2 (but see alternative meanings below) 


What is the difference in meaning between the following verbs? 

I’ll have two cats/ I’ll be having a shower 

I’ll look quite a lot older/ I’ll be looking at the Eiffel Tower 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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