New Year- Continuous State Verbs


Verbs that cannot take -ing and will be verb with -ing to talk about the next twelve months

This time next year Future Continuous and state verbs practice

Worksheet 1 – Writing, listening and speaking

Fill in at least half the sentences below with something true for you. If you have no ideas for what exactly will be happening, you can use vague language like “almost exactly the same as now” or “something completely different to now”.


This time next year I'll +

be thinking about _______________________________________________________

be worrying about _______________________________________________________

be living ______________________________________________________________

be planning to ________________________________________________________

be wearing ___________________________________________________________

weigh _______________________________________________________________

be feeling _____________________________________________________________

have (got) ___________________________________________________________

want ________________________________________________________________

belong to _____________________________________________________________

look (like) _____________________________________________________________

be looking for/ be searching for ___________________________________________

be practising __________________________________________________________

be preparing for ________________________________________________________


Future Continuous sentence completion guessing game

Read out just the part you wrote (not the typed part that was already above and see if your partner can guess which sentence above you wrote that info in).

Ask about sentences above which you don’t understand, couldn’t complete, are not sure that you filled correctly, etc.


Worksheet 2 – State verbs grammar presentation

Some of the verbs on Worksheet 1 above were not used in the Future Continuous because they are state verbs that cannot take –ing. Without looking back at Worksheet 1, cross out the forms below that are not correct because the –ing form is impossible (the “will + infinitive” form such as “will think” is always okay, so doesn’t need to be changed).

I’ll think about/ I’ll be thinking about________________________________________

I’ll worry about/ I’ll be worrying about_______________________________________

I’ll live/ I’ll be living ___________________________________

I’ll plan to/ I’ll be planning to ___________________________

I’ll wear/ I’ll be wearing ____________________________________

I’ll weigh/ I’ll be weighing _____________________________________

I’ll feel/ I’ll be feeling _________________________________

I’ll have (got)/ I’ll be having (got) _______________________________________

I’ll want/ I’ll be wanting _______________________________________

I’ll belong to/ I’ll be belonging to ___________________________________

I’ll look (like)/ I’ll be looking (like) _____________________________________

I’ll look for/ I’ll be looking for ________________________________________

I’ll practice/ I’ll be practising ________________________________________

I’ll prepare/ I’ll be preparing for _____________________________________


Check your answers with Worksheet 1. If there is no –ing form on Worksheet 1 it is incorrect for that meaning of the verb and should be crossed out on Worksheet 2.

Which three forms on each line are correct and which one is wrong and why?

I’ll have two cats/ I’ll be having three cats/ I’ll have a shower/ I’ll be having a shower

I’ll look like my father/ I’ll be looking like my father/ I’ll look at the Eiffel Tower/ I’ll be looking at the Eiffel Tower


What are the differences in meaning between the verbs which can be -ing and those which can’t on each line?

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