New Year- Future Perfect


Level: Intermediate
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Grammar Topic: Future Forms
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Published: 23rd Dec 2007

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Future Perfect New Year Numbers practice 

Complete at least half the sentences below: 

By the end of this year/ next year: 

I will have read _____________________ books 


I will have spent ______________________ studying English 


I will have grown or shrunk _______________________ 


I will have put on or lost ___________________   


I will have saved _________________________ 


I will have spent _________________________ on clothes 


I will have walked ___________________________ 


I will have cycled _____________________________ 


I will have eaten ___________________ of fruit 


I will have written ____________________________ 


I will have washed ____________________________ 


I will have slept _________________________________ 


I will have learnt ________________________________ 


I will have used up _________________________________ 


I will have forgotten _________________________ 

Read out just the part you have written and see if your partner can guess which sentence it is. 


Make more true sentences about yourself, each one including a number. Tell your partner the number 

only and see if your partner can guess the whole sentence. 

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