New Year- Future Perfect


will have + PP with numbers practice for classes in January

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Lesson Plan Content:

Future Perfect New Year numbers practice

Complete at least half the sentences below with true numbers related to you: 
















By the end of this year:



By the end of next year:



I will have read ____________________________ books


I will have spent ______________________ studying English


I will have grown or shrunk _______________________


I will have put on or lost ___________________________


I will have saved _________________________________


I will have spent _________________________ on clothes


I will have walked ________________________________


I will have cycled _________________________________


I will have eaten ____________________________ of fruit


I will have written ________________________________


I will have washed _______________________________


I will have slept __________________________________


I will have learnt _________________________________


I will have used up _________________________________


I will have forgotten ________________________________



Read out just the part you have written and see if your partner can guess which sentence above it comes from.


Make more true sentences about yourself, each one including a number. Tell your partner the number only and see if they can guess the whole sentence.

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