New Year Resolutions- Adverbs of Frequency


Future plans for frequency expressions and learning training discussion

English New Years resolutions adverbs of frequency practice

'Going to' for future plans/ adverbs of frequency/ learner training

Add frequency expressions like “sometimes”, “never”, “every day”, “twice a week” and “once every three months” to at least half the sentences below to make your own (real) plans for learning English next year. Make sure you put each frequency expression in its most common position in the sentence (as that can vary).

Sentences to complete with frequency expressions

Next year I am going to:

read English books

listen to the radio in English

watch movies in English with English subtitles

watch videos in my language with English subtitles

Watch videos in English without subtitles

use an English-English dictionary

do online chat in English

write to a pen friend in English

listen to radio with English-speaking DJs

listen to English speech radio/ BBC World Service/ Voice of America

meet with a conversation exchange partner

do an internet search in English

write emails in English

read the lyrics of English language songs.

play language learning computer games

go through lists of new vocabulary I have found

listen to English-language audio guides in museums

sing English language songs

record myself speaking English


Guessing game

Tell your partner only the adverb of frequency (the part you have written) and see if they can say a correct sentence about your English language learning plans.



What parts of your English skills do you most want or need to improve? What are the best ways of improving those skills?

What things do you think you need to do most often to improve your English?

What do you think are the best ways of learning English from the list above?

Which things have you tried to do outside the classroom? Which are the easiest and the most difficult?


Further practice

Say something else you’ll do in English next year and see if your partner can guess what frequency is most likely, giving hints like “much more often” if their guesses are wrong. 

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