Newspapers and News- Opinions and Vocabulary

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Newspapers and News- Opinions and Vocabulary
Give your opinions on topics from below, then ask what your partner thinks with an 
expression like 
“What do you think?”
Current affairs topics to discuss

bias in the news

broadsheet newspapers

celebrity gossip


coverage of international conflict

coverage of natural disasters

different parts of the newspaper

environmental education

environmental problems

illegal drugs

international crime

international organisations

law enforcement

left-wing news sources

levels of crime

local government

negative things about newspapers

negative things about television news

newspaper columnists

newspaper editorials

news online

organised crime

petty crime


positive things about newspapers

positive things about television news

preventing natural disasters

punishments for crime

rightwing news source

road safety

social problems

tabloid newspapers


the danger of war breaking out

the defence industry

the economy/ economic figures

the political system

violent crime

white collar crime 

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Brainstorming news vocabulary
Without looking above for now, brainstorm language for these categories of language 
related to newspapers and the news. Some are words from above and some are 
examples of the things above. Other words which aren’t above are also often okay. 
Kinds of news/ Things which get news coverage

Natural disasters and environmental problems

Illegal drugs


Punishments for crime

Law enforcement (people, organisations, places, etc)

Politicians/ Parts of the government

Social problems

Economic figures

Different parts of a newspaper/ Things in a newspaper

Different kinds of newspapers

Look above for ideas, then brainstorm more. 

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Suggested answers
Kinds of news/ Things which get news coverage
celebrity gossip, crime, entertainment, international, national/ domestic, politics, science 
and technology, sports, the arts
Natural disasters and environmental problems
flood, landslide/ avalanche, storm (hurricane/ cyclone/ typhoon), drought, famine/ 
starvation, volcanic eruption, earthquake, tidal wave/ tsunami, forest fire, crash/ collision/ 
pileup, fire, acid rain, pollution, oil spill/ oil slick, hole in the ozone layer, global warming, 
rising sea levels, extinction of endangered animals, illegal logging, tax dodging, epidemic, 
Illegal drugs
marijuana/ grass/ cannabis, speed/ amphetamines, crack (cocaine), cocaine, heroin, 
methamphetamines, crystal meth, ecstasy
theft/ robbery (e.g. bag snatching, pickpocketing, burglary, shoplifting, mugging), (first 
degree) murder/ homicide, second degree murder/ manslaughter, bribery, blackmail, 
insider trading, drink driving, arson, smuggling, terrorism, sexual harassment, illegal 
discrimination, organised crime (e.g. mafia and gangs), rape, assault
Punishments for crime
prison sentence (e.g. a life sentence), death penalty/ capital punishment, community 
service, suspended sentence, corporal punishment, fine, compensation/ damages, 
Law enforcement (people, organisations, places, etc)
lawyer, judge, magistrate, prison guard, police officer, private detective, jury, court reporter,
attorney, barrister, solicitor, the courts, prison, police station, undercover cop, customs 
officer, immigration officer
Politicians/ Parts of the government
MP, senator, congressman, mayor, local counsellor, PM, president, candidate, vice 
president, MEP, incumbent, shadow minister, minister, The Chancellor (of the Exchequer)/ 
finance minister, lawmaker, president in waiting, conservative, leftwinger, member of the 
House of Lords, leader of the opposition, Speaker, cabinet
Social problems
abortion. divorce, bullying (e.g. in the workplace), censorship, child labour, data protection 
problems, domestic violence, educational standards, birthrate, addiction, globalisation, 
vandalism (e.g. graffiti), health scares, homelessness, human trafficking, gambling, 
weapons, immigration, inequality, NEETs, vigilantism, obesity, poverty, e.g. the Working 
Poor, school absenteeism, sex industry, stress-related illnesses, suicide
Economic figures
inflation, unemployment rate, business confidence, GDP, GNP, economic growth, interest 
rates, consumer confidence, stockmarket index (e.g. FTSE, Dow Jones), budget deficit, 
trade deficit, bankruptcies, household debt, national debt
Different parts of a newspaper/ Things in a newspaper
opinion/ column/ editorial, reviews, listings, crossword, weathercartoon (and see kinds of 
news above for more)
Different kinds of newspapers
tabloid, broadsheet, midbrow
Use as many words from above as you can to talk about recent news and news sources.

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