North Korea's War on Long Hair

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North Korea’s war on hair 


In most lines, there is a word which is spelled incorrectly.    In the spaces on the right, 

write the incorrect word or put a tick to show that the line is correct. 


1.  ____ 

2.  ____ 

3.  ____ 


4.  ____ 

5.  ____ 

6.  ____ 

7.  ____ 


8.  ____ 

9.  ____ 

10.  ____ 

11.  ____ 

12.  ____ 

13.  ____ 

14.  ____ 

1.  In the secritive communist state of North Korea, the government   

2.  declared war on long hair last week, saying that long hair styles for men 

3.  were unhygeinic and unsocialist.     


4.  The campain against long hair has even seen the Dear Leader, Kim Jong Il, cut his   

5.  hair to fit the new image.    North Korean TV identifies offenders and even give 

6.  the names and adresses of men with long hair so that they can be laughed at or   

7.  scorned buy other citizens.   


8.  Political commentaters suggest that this is an effort to keep the people under 

9.  control and shows that the state is becoming increasingly disparate in its   

10.  efforts to keep the populase under control.    Men with long hair are regarded   

11.  as ‘blind folowers of bourgeois lifestyles’.    Recent reports have suggested that 

12.  there is growing unrest in North Korea at a time when the government is making 

13.  its first tentitive steps towards liberalizing the economy, by allowing a small 

14.  amount of private enterprize.