Olympic and Other Sports Trends

Level: Intermediate

Topic: Sport

Grammar Topic: Vocabulary

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Olympic and Other Sports Trends
Try to agree on the past, present and future trends in the things below. Start with 
whichever you find easiest or most interesting. 

Sports participation

Success of national teams and sportsmen

The fame of sportsmen


Interest in traditional sports

Interest in Western sports

Pressure on youth team players

Salaries for sportsmen

Commercialism of sports

Foreign players in domestic leagues

Domestic players going to foreign leagues

People competing for your country who don’t have a strong connection to your country

Transfer fees

Corporate sponsorship of sports

Ticket prices

Sports on free TV

Sports on paid TV

Coverage of sports in the news/ in newspapers

Sports publications and their popularity

Gym membership

Attendance at gyms

Gym fees

Standard of public sporting facilities

Government/ Local government spending on sports

Useful language
Rise/ Climb/ Go up/ 
Take off/ Shoot up/ Rocket
Go down/ Decline/ Drop/ Fall
Dive/ Plunge/ Crash
Stay flat/ Remain stable
Go up and down/ Flucuate
Bottom out/ Flatten out
Peak/ Plateau/ Flatten out
Rapidly/ Dramatically
Slowly/ Gradually

Choose a few above which you are think are good changes and a few you think are bad 
and say why.

What are the causes and solutions for ones that are negative?

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