Personality & Gender- Guessing Game


Learning personality words and examining gender issues

By: Alex Case
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Men & women
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
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Lesson Plan Content:

Personality and appearance gender guessing game

Describe a man or woman, boy or girl that you know or know about (e.g. a famous person or an acquaintance) without saying their gender. It doesn’t matter if your partner knows the person you are talking about or not. For each sentence you say without your partner guessing if they are male or female, you get one point. Your partner can only guess once. If they are right, they get five points, but if they are wrong you get five points.

Continue with appearance words from the worksheet.

Continue with personality words from the worksheet.

Continue with a combination of the two.

(NB. The words that are on the same line in the worksheets below have meanings that are similar but not exactly the same, so choose one specific expression each time.)

Go through the lists and decide whether in your country each one is more prevalent in women (W), more prevalent in men (M) or totally equal (E).

Do you think any of the above could be a problem in the workplace?



  • This person is neatly dressed/ smartly dressed.
  • This person is skinny/ slim/ just skin and bones.
  • This person is muscular.
  • This person has long legs.
  • This person has hairy legs.
  • This person has nice legs
  • This person is very tall and thin/ is lanky
  • This person wears a lot of jewellery.
  • This person has piercing eyes.
  • This person has long eyelashes.
  • This person is very fashionable.
  • This person has good taste in clothes.
  • This person never has a hair out of place.
  • This person has a kind smile.
  • This person has a bald patch/ has a receding hair line/ is going bald
  • This person has glossy hair
  • This person has dyed ginger/ red/ brown/ blond hair
  • This person has a tattoo on the upper arm/ lower arm/ shoulder blade/ face/ neck/ calf/ back
  • This person has long hair/ shoulder length hair
  • This person has very short hair/ a skin head/ a buzz cut/ a crew cut
  • This person has a perm
  • This person has a beer belly
  • This person has fat hips
  • This person has a scar on the chin/ face/ hairline
  • This person has broad shoulders
  • This person wears lots of jewellery/ a ring/ a necklace/ dangly earrings/ bracelets/ a crucifix
  • This person has a pierced tongue/ eyebrow/ nipple/ ears/ nose
  • This person has big lips
  • This person wears skin tight jeans/ tops
  • This person has plucked eyebrows
  • This person is slovenly
  • This person wears slip on shoes/ a waistcoat



  • This person is vain.
  • This person is brave/ courageous
  • This person is bitchy/ critical
  • This person is caring.
  • This person is sensitive.
  • This person is ambitious/ a go-getter
  • This person is proactive.
  • This person is conservative.
  • This person is single-minded/ obsessive
  • This person has good communication skills/ is a good listener
  • This person is assertive/ bossy/ is a natural leader
  • This person is thorough.
  • This person is punctual.
  • This person is a sexist.
  • This person is energetic.
  • This person is rude/ impolite
  • This person is pushy.
  • This personal has good intuition.
  • This person is ego-centric.
  • This person is impulsive.
  • This person is adaptable/ flexible.
  • This person is tactful/ discreet.
  • This person is determined/ stubborn.
  • This person is materialistic.
  • This person is petty/ fussy.
  • This person is frank/ outspoken.
  • This person is aggressive.
  • This person is perceptive.
  • This person is impatient.
  • This person is absent minded/ careless.
  • This person is indecisive/ a procrastinator.
  • This person is a fashion victim.
  • This person is arrogant
  • This person is ego-centric
  • This person is changeable/ moody/ unstable
  • This person is materialistic
  • This person is frank/ outspoken/ opinionated
  • This person is witty
  • This person is dependable/ reliable/ conscientious
  • This person is dependent/ insecure
  • This person is a good listener
  • This person is neurotic
  • This person is a gossip
  • This person is a backstabber/ is two faced
  • This person is insincere/ is a flatterer/ is an arse licker
  • This person is tactless/ too direct
  • This person is negative/ is a complainer/ is a whinger
  • This person is eccentric
  • This person is a show-off


Personality and appearance HR discussions and roleplays

Decide if you would employ the people below for a job in your company, and if so for which job(s). Would you need to ask them to change anything or explain anything about the job and/ or the company before you offered them the job and they started work?

  1. In the job interview, this person told you lots of inside gossip about their present company, which is one of your chief competitors
  1. This person has a tattoo in a place where it is very difficult or impossible to hide
  1. This person has a pierced nose. Although you could ask them to take it out at work, you would still be able to see the hole if you look closely.
  1. This person is a high flier with an exceptional educational background, but they spent the whole job interview boasting about their achievements
  1. This person came to the interview wearing a nice suit but with a food stain on one sleeve and their shirt not properly tucked in
  1. This person never stops telling jokes
  1. This person mentioned several things that they think are wrong with your company that they would like to help change in the job interview
  1. This person was wearing a very expensive suit and watch but was only applying for a starter level position
  1. This person wrote down everything you said during the job interview and then asked you the 15 questions they had written, ticking off each one as you answered it

Roleplay the second interviews with the people above


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