Phrasal verbs- Reversi Game


Card game to memorise phrasal verbs

By: Alex Case
Level: Intermediate
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Phrasal Verbs
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Lesson Plan Content:

Instructions for teachers

Photocopy one copy of the worksheet per pair of students and cut it up so each card has the phrasal verb and its meaning next to it (i.e. don’t cut between the phrasal verb and definition). Fold the cards so you can only see the phrasal verb or its meaning when you put it on the table.

Give each pair of students a pack of cards. They must put them in a vertical line in front of them. It doesn’t matter which side of the card is face up before they start.

The first player must look at the card closest to them (at the bottom of the line) and try to say what is on the other side of the card. If they can see the phrasal verb, they have to describe what it means, and if they can see the explanation, they have to say the phrasal verb. They can then turn the card over and check. If it is correct (including other things which are right but aren’t on the card), it stays turned over and they can try the next one. If they made a mistake, the card is turned back and play passes to the next person. They always have to start again from the first (bottom) card. The first person to reach the last (top) card without making any mistakes is the winner.

If students get stuck, you can let them work together rather than against each other.


Cards to cut up


To rip into pieces


To tear up


To give someone accommodation in your house


To put someone up in your house



The car stopped outside the shop



The car pulled up outside the shop


To put someone off their work


To distract someone from their work


Finish your dinner!




Eat your dinner up!


To put down a deposit


To pay a deposit


We’ve finished the milk.



We’ve used up the milk


The vet put the old ill dog down


The vet killed the old ill dog


Increase the volume on the TV



Turn the TV up


I like it more and more


It’s growing on me


To inflate


To blow up




The brother and sister fell out



The brother and sister stopped being friends


To learn a language without effort



To pick up a language


He dropped off in his armchair


He fell asleep in his armchair


I’m off!




I’m going!


It lived up to my expectations



It was as good as I expected.


The milk’s gone off




The milk’s gone bad


We consider it our home.


We look on it as our home.


Sales have increased


Sales are up


I could see him in the distance.


I could make him out in the distance.



To fall asleep


To drop off



He communicates his ideas well.


He puts his ideas across well.



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