Phrases for Sharing Personal Experiences


By: Alex Case
Level: Advanced
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Phrases for Sharing Personal Experiences- Presentation and Speaking

Share your own experiences and those of other people you know on these topics:


Working for domestic companies


Working for foreign companies


Working abroad


Products from foreign companies


Service in foreign shops and restaurants

What phrases could you have used in that discussion?

Sharing personal experiences presentation

Brainstorm as many words as you can into the gaps below.
In my ______________ experience,…
A/ An _______________ experience I had related to this was…
An experience which____________________ is…

Fill the gaps below with just one word.
____ couple of days/ weeks/ months/ years ago…
____ few days/ weeks/ months/ years ago…
Just ______ other day,…
An experience of this I had which stands _____ is…
This has only happened _____ me once, but…
I __________ only experienced this once, but…
I was affected _______ this when…
I will never forget _____ time when….

______ my limited experience,…
My first/ last experience ____ this was…

_____ general, I find…
Generally, I _____ found that…
… That’s _____ experience, anyway.
My experience _____ this is….

I ____________ personal experience of this.
I______ like to share my experience of…

Why are the expressions above divided into sections? Label each section.

Why do none of the expressions above have the word “ever” in them?

What are the differences between these expressions?
Some experience/ Some experiences

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Personal experiences phrases- practice games

Talk about your own experiences of one of the things below and your partner will guess if it
is true or made up (e.g. because you have no experience of that thing). Each time you
must explain general experiences first and then individual experiences (see the
previous page for suitable phrases for both).

Appearing on television

Attending political speeches

Being drunk

Being interviewed


Buying insurance


Dealing with the police

Dietary supplements


Being published

Horse riding


Host families

House parties



Martial arts

Meeting artists



Side effects of medicines



Traditional medicine

Traffic accidents




Take opposite points of view on things from the list below, using real or made up personal
experience to support your arguments.

A license being needed to cycle on the road.

Allowing bicycles on trains.

Allowing your national airline to go bankrupt and disappear.

Another runway for your local airport.

Banning adults cycling on the pavement.

Banning two children plus an adult on one bicycle.

Fitting all new cars with breathalysers.

Making bicycle helmets compulsory.

Making driving more expensive.

Making flying more expensive.

More government subsidies for train travel.

Police stopping cyclists to check if bicycles are stolen.

Raising the speed limit on highways.

The government subsidising electric cars.

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Give your real views about transport, supporting what you say however you can.

Possible topics:

Borrowing ideas from other cities/ countries



Different modes of transport


Health and fitness




Private sector – Public sector

Rules/ Laws


Service levels




The disabled/ The young/ The old/ Pregnant women


What phrases can you use to pass on other people’s experiences?

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Suggested answers

In my ______________ experience,… – personal, limited, general

A/ An _______________ experience I had related to this was… - memorable/
shocking/ typical/ bad/ unforgettable/ amazing/ terrible/ frightening/ sobering/
disappointing/ great/ life-changing

An experience which____________________ is… - I will always remember/ really
influenced me/ is relevant to this debate/ is related to this/ changed my life/ affected
my attitudes/ this reminds me of/ comes to mind/ springs to mind

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