Prepositions of Location - Answer Sheet

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Prepositions of Location 



Choose the correct answer 

1.  The book is under the box of tissues. 

2.  The remote control is next to the box of 


3.  The bottle is behind the box of tissues. 

4.  The tissues are in the box. 

5.  The book is on the table. 






Complete the spaces 

1.  The sunglasses are in the bag. 

2.  The CDs are next to/by  the glass. 

3.  The glass is between the bag and the CDs. 

4.  The bag is on the table. 

5.  The CDs are in their cases. 

6.  The water is in the glass. 





True or False? 

1.  The book is yellow. True 

2.  The CDs are all the same colour. False 

3.  The remote control is grey. False 

4.  The glass is empty. False 

5.  The bottle is in front of the tissues. False