Prepositions of Location- Find What's Wrong


Guessing the strange locations for fun prepositions practice

Prepositions of position: Find what’s wrong in the classroom game

Ask Yes/ No questions to find out what is wrong about an imaginary classroom that is described on one of the cards below.

Possible questions and answers

“Is something in the bin?”                                                                   “No, it isn’t connected to the bin”

“Is something on the table?”                                                 “Not on the table.”

“Is the teacher in the wrong place?”                                   “Yes, she is.”

“Is the sellotape on the students’ clothes?”                       “Yes, that’s right! Well done!”  


Strange positions to guess  


The students are under the table



A chair is on the table



The table is under the teacher



The book is on the carpet



A student is under the carpet



The dictionaries are in the bin



A board marker is in a student’s mouth



A boy’s watch is on his leg



The teacher is behind the window



A pencil is in the teacher’s ear



A student has paint on his face.



The cupboard is in front of the board





A ruler is behind the whiteboard



Some scissors are in the DVD player



100 students are in the classroom



The carpet is on the table




Choose one of the sentences above and play the same game with your partner(s). Start by asking them a question, e.g.

“There is something strange about the classroom. Where is the teacher standing?” or “Something isn’t right in here. What is on the table (that shouldn’t be)?” or just “Can you guess what is wrong with the classroom?”

Draw or write other things that could be in the wrong place in a classroom and continue the game.

Race to draw other things being in strange places that your teacher or another student explains.

Do the same with other places.

In the playground                                      

In the gym

Outside the school                                    

In the supermarket       

In the library

In your house                               

In the laboratory                          

In the kitchen

In the dining room/ cafeteria      

In the park                                   

In a theme park

In the amusement arcade                        

In a theatre                                  

On an ice-skating rink                

In a martial arts club    

In a cinema (= movie theatre)

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