Prepositions of movement guessing game


Practising through, over, around etc with a guessing game, with descriptions of places

Choose a thing or place and talk about how it moves, what moves there, how people move there, etc with clues like those below until your partner guesses what place you chose.

Suggested things to describe

  • Bridge                                                                       
  • Cable car                                                    
  • Cave
  • Cliff                                                                            
  • Desert                           
  • Grass
  • Hill                                                                             
  • Ladder/ Stepladder                                   
  • Moat
  • Motorway/ Highway                                             
  • Mountain                                                     
  • Path
  • Pavement (= Sidewalk)                           
  • Pipe                                                             
  • Power lines
  • Railway (tracks/ rails)                               
  • River                                                            
  • Road/ Street
  • Rope                                                                         
  • Roundabout                                               
  • Sea
  • Tunnel                                                         
  • Valley                                                          
  • Waterfall
  • Window                                                                     
  • Zebra crossing/ Pedestrian crossing
  • Zip line


Suggested prepositions of movement

  • above
  • across
  • along
  • around/ round
  • between
  • down
  • from
  • into
  • off of
  • onto
  • out of
  • over
  • through
  • to
  • under
  • up

Ask about anything you don’t understand.

Choose one of the places above and take turns brainstorming suitable descriptions with prepositions of movement until you have no more ideas. 


Student A


  • Rivers go around it.
  • Waterfalls go down it.
  • Tunnels go through it.
  • Skiers go down it.
  • You can climb up it.
  • Cable cars go up and down it./ Funicular railways go up and down it.
  • Some planes can’t fly over it.
  • Some people paraglide off of it.
  • Clouds gather around it.


  • You can walk along it.
  • You can go across it on a bridge./ You can go across it on a boat.
  • You can go along it on a boat.
  • Tunnels go under it.
  • Bridges go over it.

Road/ Street

  • Cars go along it.
  • Zebra crossings go across it.
  • It goes through a city.
  • People walk along it.
  • People have to be careful when they go across it.
  • Buildings are built along it.


  • Cars go round it.
  • Cars come onto it at one place, go around it, and come off of it at another place.
  • Cars go from one street to another street using it.
  • You can’t drive over it. 


  • You will die if you walk across it./ Only camels can walk across it.
  • No rivers go across it.
  • Snakes dig under it.


  • It goes along rivers.
  • It goes up mountains.
  • It goes through woods.
  • You can get dirty boots walking along it.

Pavement (= sidewalk)

  • It goes along a street./ It goes along both sides of a street.
  • It doesn’t go along a highway.

Cable car

  • It goes up and down a mountain.
  • It goes between two mountains.


Student B


  • Cars go through it./ Trains go through it.
  • It goes through mountains.
  • It goes under rivers./ It goes under cities.
  • Underground trains go through it.
  • It goes under the English Channel (sea).
  • Engineers build it through the earth or rock.  


  • You look through it.
  • Light goes in through it.
  • Air goes in and out of it.
  • Birds sometimes crash into it./ Moths sometimes bash into it.


  • Snakes slide through it.
  • Moles dig under it.
  • Worms move under it.
  • Dogs dig into it.
  • People walk across it. 

Motorway/ Highway

  • Cars go along it quickly.
  • You can’t go across it on foot.
  • You can only go across it on a bridge.
  • There aren’t any traffic lights along it.


  • Water goes through it.
  • It goes through the ceiling and through the floor.
  • It goes under your house.
  • Dirty water goes through it.

Zebra crossing/ Pedestrian crossing

  • It goes across a street.
  • People walk across a street using it.
  • Its stripes go along a street.

Railway (tracks/ rails)

  • Electrical lines run above it.
  • Trains travel along it.


  • Rivers run under it.
  • Boats go under it.
  • It goes across a river.


  • You can climb up it.
  • You can tie it around something.
  • You can tie it around something and then pull that thing.

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