Prepositions of Place and Location

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Prepositions of Place and Location 


Complete the following sentences about this picture with prepositions: 

1.  There are several pictures _____ the wall. 

2.  There are two pillows _____ the bed. 

3.  There's a towel hanging _____ the wall. 

4.  There's a towel hanging _____ a hook. 

5.  There's a chair _____ the bed and the table. 

6.  There's a jug _____ the table. 

7.  There are some coats _____ the bed. 

8.  You can see a light _____ the window. 

9.  There's a door _____ the left. 

10.  There's nothing _____ the bed. 

Answer the questions: 

1.  How many chairs are there? 

2.  Where's the bed? 

3.  What's on the table? 

4.  Where are the chairs? 

5.  Is the room carpeted? 

6.  Is there a mirror in the room? 

7.  Is the person who lives here rich? 

8.  Is he or she tidy?