Prepositions of Position- Miming Games


By: Alex Case
Level: Beginner
Theme: General
Study Area: Prepositions
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Prepositions of Position- Miming Games
Play either or both of the games below using sentences like those in the table on the next
page. The table probably includes more things than you have in your classroom, more
language than your students can think of how to mime and/ or language that your students
won’t know (e.g. some of the prepositions), so you will probably want to edit it down or
select carefully from it when you do the miming.

Prepositions of position guess the mimes
The teacher or a student mimes one of the things from the table below, miming the first
thing with their body or hands and using real things in the classroom for the second
column. If the student can’t read/ understand the sentence that they choose, tell them to
choose an easier one, whisper the sentence in their ear and/ or demonstrate the mime
somewhere that the other students can’t see, e.g. just outside the door. The rest of the
class race to shout out and/ or write down the right sentence to explain that thing, if
possible without looking at the table below. Perhaps as an extension, you could also get
them to race to draw the sentence (e.g. drawing a cup on someone’s head), and then say
and/ or write a sentence to describe that thing.

Prepositions of position miming race
The teacher or a student shouts out, writes up or flashes up a sentence from the table and
the rest of the class race to mime that thing as quickly as possible. If you are playing for
points, you can give one point for the first correct mime and/ or one point for the best
mime. To add speaking, you can then ask the students who get the points and/ or the
whole class to describe that mime.

Written by Alex Case for © 2017


Possible Preposition of Position Mimes Table

object to mime

preposition real object in the


The ball
The book
The bowl
The butterfly
The cat
The church
The cup
The dog
The elephant
The fork
The fox
The rabbit
The scissors
The snake
The spider
The crocodile
The horse
The rhino
The fat man
The house/ The roof
The bird
The helicopter


by/ next to
in front of

my ear
my head
my knee
my mouth
my shirt
my shoe
my shoulder
my sock
my T-shirt
my trousers
the carpet/ the
the chair
the door
the map
the poster
the table
the wall
the whiteboard
the window

Written by Alex Case for © 2017


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