Prepositions of Time


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Prepositions of Time 

Complete the following sentences with in, on or at: 

1.  I'm going there ____ Monday. 

2.  The meeting's ____ the third of June. 

3.  The course starts ____ the autumn. 

4.  I'm going away _____ Easter. 

5.  She was born ___ 2002. 

6.  It happened ____ a Wednesday. 

7.  It was popular ____ the 1990s. 

8.  I'm going skiing _____ Christmas. 

9.  ____ the weekend (British English) 

10.  ____ the weekend (American English) 


Complete the following sentences with during or while: 


1.  She's going to study abroad ____ the summer. 

2.  Something funny happened _____ the lecture. 

3.  It happened ____ I was away. 

4.  Do it ____ you can. 

5.  _____ I was coming here it was starting to rain. 


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