Present Simple and Progressive


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Present Simple and Progressive 

Choose the correct verb form in the following sentences: 

1.  She _____ from home today. (works/is working) 

2.  Leave me alone- I _____ to work. (try/am trying) 

3.  I ____ what she's saying. (don't understand/am not understanding) 

4.  'What's the weather like?' 'It ____.' (rains/is raining). 

5.  What ____ he do? (do/does). 

6.  She usually _____ to work by car. (come/comes/is coming) 

7.  He _____ believe in God. (isn't believing/don't believe/doesn't believe) 

8.  It ___ me twenty minutes to get to work most days. (take/takes/is taking)   

9.  His company closed so he ____ for work. (look/looks/is looking) 

10.  _____ your meal? (do you enjoy/are you enjoying) 

Make the questions: 

1.  '____________________________?' 'There are three.' 

2.  '____________________________?' "He lives in Lisbon. 

3.  '____________________________?' 'No,she doesn't.' 

4.  '____________________________?' 'They're on the table in the living-room.' 

5.  '____________________________?' 'It costs $30.' 

6.  '____________________________?' 'It's mine.' 

7.  '____________________________?' 'No, I don't.' 

8.  '____________________________?' 'No, I'm not.' 

9.  '____________________________?' 'Never.' 

10.  '____________________________?' 'Because I'm tired.' 

11.  '____________________________?' 'John does.' 

12.  '____________________________?' 'It the second road on the left.' 

13.  '____________________________?' 'Yes, she does.' 

14.  '____________________________?' 'No, he isn't.' 

15.  '____________________________?' 'Once a week.' 

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