Present Simple Men and Women Guessing

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Present Simple Men and Women Guessing (Cultural training/ 3


 person ‘s’) 

Put the word man, men, woman or women into the gaps below. 

You can’t ask an Iraqi ___________ “How is your daughter?” 
In Japan, _____________ usually have to serve the tea in the office. 
In the USA, soccer is mainly a sport for _________________. 
In Scotland, __________ wear a kilt (like a skirt) on their wedding days. 
In Thailand, ______ and ________ can’t hold hands in public, but it is okay for a 
_________ to hold hands with a __________, or a _______ to hold hands with a _________. 
In Saudi Arabia, ___________________ can’t drive cars. 
An unmarried _________________ cannot get a visa to visit Iran. 
In England, the ______________ usually do the cooking, but ____________ often cook 
spicy curries, do the washing up and cut the roast chicken and roast turkey. 
Rounders is a British sport that is similar to baseball and is usually played by ________. 
In Italy, a ___________ (called Befana) brings the children their Xmas presents. 
In Sweden 47.3% of MPs (Members of Parliament) are __________________. 
When you go into a European church, __________ should take their hats off and 
_____________ should leave their hats on. 
In France _________ kiss ___________ on the cheek when they meet, and ________ also 
kiss _______. In Russia and the South of Italy, _________ also sometimes kiss ________. 
In a 2005 survey, 46% of Japanese _________ said they are very happy with their lives 
but only 31% of Japanese _______________ said they are very satisfied. 

Check your answers with your teacher. Which things are different in your country?



Written by Alex Case for © 2007