Presentations about Presentations


Warmer for presentations skills classes, with useful language for talking about presentations

Presentations on the topic of presentations

Choose one line or topic from below, talk about it as long as you can, then invite questions. End the presentation when there are no more questions or your teacher makes a gesture.

Presentation topics on presentations

  • Presentation topics
  • Preparing presentations
  • Deciding the content of the presentation
  • Organising presentations/ The structure of presentations
  • Presentation aims/ Achieving something with your presentation
  • Making sure that the presentation matches the audience
  • Presentation notes
  • Using handouts/ printouts/ photocopies in presentations
  • Using visuals (PowerPoint etc) in presentations
  • Editing down a presentation
  • Lectures vs presentations
  • Speeches vs presentations
  • The last presentation I gave/ attended – The next presentation I will give/ attend
  • The worst presentation I have ever attended/ given – The best presentation I have…
  • Bad presentations – Good presentations
  • Formal presentations – Informal presentations
  • Starting presentations
  • Connecting personally with the audience in presentations
  • Hooking the audience
  • Humour in presentations
  • Improvising in presentations
  • Making the audience (really) listen
  • Memorable presentations
  • Moving smoothly through the presentation
  • Setting up a room for a presentation
  • Getting people to come to your presentation
  • Self-study for better presentations
  • Presenting to non-native English speakers in English
  • Dealing with nerves in presentations
  • Rehearsing presentations
  • Getting feedback on your presentation/ Giving people feedback on their presentations
  • Body language and gestures in presentations
  • Using your voice in presentations
  • Dealing with questions in presentations
  • Ending presentations
  • Cultural differences in presentations

Switch roles, listen to your partner talk about a topic from above, then ask questions.

Ask about any topics which you don’t understand, can’t think of what to say about, or would like to share opinions and advice on, discussing each as a class.

Discuss preparing presentations. What would your first step, second step, etc be?

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