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Good and bad ways to do personal introductions in presentations.

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Introducing yourself in presentations

If you walked up to people in this class right now and said “My name is…, I work for…” or “I am… I am a… year student in… studying…”, what might the reactions be?

What does that mean for giving a presentation to this group of people?

What are the dangers of starting a presentation with “My name is…, I work for…” or “I am… I am a… year student in… studying…”? What might be better to say instead?

What phrases could you use when starting a presentation in this class?

Compare your ideas with the phrases under the fold.

----------------------------------fold, cover or cut------------------------------

  • As you know,…
  • I know almost everybody’s name but mine is a bit difficult to remember so…
  • I know some of you came to my last presentation, but…
  • I only recognise one or two faces, so I’ll start by introducing myself.
  • I think all of you know my face, but perhaps not my name, which is…
  • I think most of you know my name, but in case you’ve forgotten…
  • I’ve introduced myself to a few of you, but for the others…
  • I’ve spoken to many of you before, but in case I forgot to give you my name when I did so…
  • There are a couple of my friends here, but for people who don’t know me…

Underline the phrases above which mention numbers of people.

Put the sentences into order by how many people they refer to.

Circle other useful phrases above.

Brainstorm words similar to “perhaps” in order of probability, like you did with numbers of people above.

Write your own introducing yourself sentence.

Check your partner’s sentence, thinking about:

  • Does it match how many people know their face and name?
  • Is it likely to be different from what other presenters say?

What other information can you give about yourself? What criteria does that information have to match?

Compare your ideas with the criteria on the next page.

Criteria for personal information you can give in a presentation introduction

  • Amusing
  • Helps you make a personal connection
  • Interesting
  • Related to your presentation topic or a surprising contrast to your presentation topic
  • Surprising more generally

Which are the most important criteria, do you think?

What phrases could you use to match the things above (especially thinking about the most important criteria)?

Compare your ideas with the list under the fold.

---------------------------cover, fold or cut-------------------------------

  • Although I am studying…/ working as…,…
  • Because I’m…, the topic I’ve selected is…
  • I first became interested in this topic when…
  • I often…, which is why I’ve decided to present on the topic of…
  • I was inspired by… to…
  • I was obsessed with… when…, and therefore I thought it might be a good topic to present today.
  • I’m… and so I’ve chosen to speak about…
  • It was easy for me to choose a topic because I have spent lots of time…
  • My personal connection to this topic is…
  • One of my earliest memories is of…, and more recently…
  • The first thing that came to mind when I was asked to give a presentation was… because…
  • This is an important topic for me because…
  • You might be surprised to hear that I…

What information about yourself could you give that is related to these topics? Choose a topic below for your partner. They should introduce themselves, starting from their name and other personal information, then linking that to the presentation topic you chose for them. How well does it all tie together?

Ankle injuries                                Autumn                            Boating

Brown rice                                                   Candles                                         Charismatic CEOs

Dandelions                                                  Hitachi                              Holidays for the elderly

Hunger strikes                              Michael Jackson                           Microsoft Office XL

Office furniture                              Roller skating                  Seattle

Shaking hands                              Socks                                             Spain

The 18th century                                         The London Underground          The most recent elections

The year 2015                              Starbucks                                      Wearable computers

Weight training                             Work/ Life balance


Work together to write introductions for your own presentations and choose the best.


Personal information that you can put in a presentation introduction

·         Ambitions/ Goals

·         Big changes in your life

·         Buying habits/ Spending habits

·         Changing your mind about something

·         Childhood

·         Favourites/ Likes and dislikes

·         Friends and family

·         Health and fitness

·         Hobbies/ Interests

·         Hometown/ Places you have lived

·         Influences on your life/ ideas

·         Meaning/ Origins of your name

·         Near future

·         Organisations you belong to

·         People you have met

·         Possessions

·         Previous work/ studies/ volunteering

·         Recent past

·         Routines/ Habits

·         Things you have written about

·         Things you listen to/ have listened to

·         Things you read/ have read

·         Things you watch/ have watched

·         Travel

·         Unusual experiences


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