Questions with can dice games


Yes/ No questions with can speaking game

Questions with can dice games

Look at the section or sections below that your teacher tells you to, roll a dice, and ask a “Can…?” question using the verb, on the topic, about the person or to get the answer next to that number below. Your teacher will tell you which section or sections to use, or if you can choose sections.

A: Verbs

  1. play
  2. cook/ make/ grow
  3. ride
  4. catch
  5. climb
  6. pick up/ pass me/ bring me


B: Topics

  1. music
  2. sports and games
  3. studies (maths, etc)
  4. languages/ language learning/ English
  5. travel/ movement
  6. daily actions/ housework (cooking, sewing, cleaning, mending, etc)


C: People

  1. you
  2. your mother
  3. your father
  4. your best friend
  5. your grandparents
  6. free choice


D: Answers

  1. Yes, I can.
  2. No, I can’t.
  3. Yes, he/ she/ it can.
  4. No, he/ she/ it can’t.
  5. A little./ Not very well.
  6. I don’t know (I’ve never tried).


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