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Level: Intermediate
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
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Published: 17th Sep 2012

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Written by Alex Case for UsingEnglish.com © 2012 

Phrases for quoting practice game 
Quote someone (e.g. someone you know, a teacher, someone in the media, a singer, a 
comedian, or someone else who is famous) and see if your partner can guess if it is a real 
quote or something you have made up.   
Common topics of quotations: 

o  Age/ Teenagers/ Middle age/ Old people 
o  Alcohol/ Smoking/ Drugs 
o  Animals/ Pets 
o  Art 
o  Business/ Work 
o  Death 
o  Education/ Studying/ School/ University 
o  Family 
o  Finance/ Money 
o  Food/ Diet/ Dieting 
o  Free time/ Hobbies 
o  Friends/ Friendship 
o  Happiness 
o  Health 
o  History 
o  Home 
o  Intelligence 
o  Japan/ Japanese people/ Another country/ Another nationality 
o  Law/ Lawyers/ The police 
o  Leadership/ Management 
o  Love/ Romance/ Dating/ Marriage 
o  Men/ Women 
o  Parenting 
o  Patriotism/ Nationalism 
o  Politics/ Politicians/ Government 
o  Religion 
o  Science/ Technology 
o  Sport/ Exercise 
o  Success/ Failure 
o  Time/ Time management 
o  Travel/ Transport/ Holidays 
o  War/ Violence 

Useful language 
A great quote on this subject is…  


According to… 

In the words of…,…  




… once said that… 

As… (famously) said….     



I’d like to quote… 

(I’m not sure who said it but) there is a quote which goes… 
I read a quotation that went (something like)… 
I’d like to share a few words by…  


There’s a great/ famous line in… 

… wrote/ Someone wrote in a recent article/ book that… 

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