Schwa in IELTS Listening gapfill answers


Unstressed vowel sound problems in IELTS Listening

Schwa in IELTS Listening gapfill answers

Correct the spelling mistakes on the next page. Some lines have more than one mistake, but most have only one.

Try to find what the spelling mistakes have in common and use that to check that you have corrected the right parts.

Check your answers with the suggested answers, then use those answers to check if you guessed the right thing in common between the mistakes.

Why are the wrong parts spelled that way?

Practise pronouncing schwa on its own, then in some of the example words, first using the wrong spelling version to help.

In groups, practise saying the words with schwa, correcting each other if the pronunciation is too close to the correct spelling version.

Test each other on the words:

  • Choose one of the words, say it either the way it is spelt or with the normal use of schwa, and see if your partner can hear which way you are saying it
  • Choose one of the words, say it the way it is spelt (without schwa) and see if your partner can pronounce it back with the usual pronunciation the correct way (with schwa)
  • Say one of the words with the normal pronunciation (with schwa) and see if your partner can spell it


Listening gapfill answers with spelling mistakes to correct

  • stage acter
  • erlarming news
  • psychoanalersis
  • autermatic assessmernt
  • large balcerny
  • balernce sheet
  • botterm shelf
  • 100 caleries
  • late-stage capiterlism
  • holiday caterlogues
  • art cinemer
  • classicerl music
  • remote cerntrol
  • commern room
  • custermer service
  • demercratic republic
  • departmernt stores
  • docter’s surgery
  • 25 dollers
  • door-ter-door
  • drinks/ refreshmernts
  • Southeast Englernd
  • flexerble hours
  • fluerncy practice
  • gardern bench
  • Goldern Gate Bridge
  • grammer rules
  • green buttern
  • steel inderstry
  • tourist infermation
  • added inserlation
  • TV journerlist
  • industrial mediater
  • medier room
  • missed oppertunity
  • perlitical movemernt
  • extremist polertics
  • back problerms
  • distant relertives
  • safe fer kids
  • sociolergy lessern
  • soler panel
  • suger addict
  • new technolergy
  • Tower of Londern


Suggested answers

  • stage acter stage actor
  • erlarming news alarming news
  • psychoanalersis psychoanalysis
  • autermatic assessmernt automatic assessment
  • large balcerny large balcony
  • balernce sheet balance sheet
  • botterm shelf bottom shelf
  • 100 caleries 100 calories
  • late-stage capiterlism late-stage capitalism
  • holiday caterlogues holiday catalogues
  • art cinemer art cinema
  • classicerl music classical music
  • remote cerntrol remote control
  • commern room common room
  • custermer service customer service
  • demercratic republic democratic republic
  • departmernt stores department stores
  • docter’s surgery doctor’s surgery
  • 25 dollers 25 dollars
  • door-ter-door door-to-door
  • drinks/ refreshmernts drinks/ refreshments
  • Southeast Englernd               Southeast England
  • flexerble hours flexible hours
  • fluerncy practice fluency practice
  • gardern bench garden bench
  • Goldern Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge
  • grammer rules grammar rules
  • green buttern green button
  • steel inderstry steel industry
  • tourist infermation tourist information
  • added inserlation added insulation
  • TV journerlist TV journalist
  • industrial mediater industrial mediator
  • medier room media room
  • missed oppertunity missed opportunity
  • perlitical movemernt political movement
  • extremist polertics extremist politics
  • back problerms back problems
  • distant relertives distant relatives
  • safe fer kids safe for kids
  • sociolergy lessern sociology lesson
  • soler panel solar panel
  • suger addict sugar addict
  • new technolergy new technology
  • Tower of Londern Tower of London

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