Second Conditional- Elections


Level: Intermediate
Topic: Politics
Grammar Topic: Conditionals
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Published: 24th Mar 2008

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Second Conditionals practice 


A: Your group is a political party that needs to decide its policies for the next 

election. Make sure you have at least 10 ideas of what you would do if you were 

elected. You can use the ideas below to help you.   


Crime and Punishment

1.Would you bring in the death penalty? If so, for which crimes? 


2.Would you send more people to prison? 


3.Would you have longer sentences? 


4.Would you send children to prison? 


5.Would you give the police guns? 


6.What would you do if lots of policemen got shot? 



7.Would you make medical care free? If so, how would you pay for it? 


8.Would you raise the minimum age for smoking? If so, by how much? 


9.Would you legalise cannabis for medical or personal use? 



10.What would you do if American diplomats were found to be spying in 

England? What about for French, Russian or Chinese spies? 


Written by Alex Case for © 2008 


11. Why would you declare war? 


12. What would you do if Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait again? 


13. Would you send British soldiers to help British people in danger in another 



14. What would you do if Scotland wanted independence? 



15. Would you try to change English spelling to make it phonetical? 


16. If you could change the language, what would you do? 


17. Would you try to stop American English being used in Britain? 



18. Would you get rid of the Queen? 


19. What would you do if the Queen resigned? 


20. Would you want Britain to become part of a United States of Europe? 


21. Would you try to change to driving on the right? 


The Environment

22. What would you do if air pollution in London got really bad? 


23. How would you improve the environment? 



24. What age do you think all students should study from/ until? 


25.What would you do if all teachers went on strike until they got 50% more pay? 


26. Would you make all British children learn foreign languages. If so, which? 

Written by Alex Case for © 2008 



B: Ask a class, ask the other groups about their policies and try to think of bad 

consequences if they did those things. If someone things of a bad consequence 

of your ideas, try to think of your response to that. Continue until one group has 

won each argument. 



-‘If the Queen resigned, I would ask Prince Charles to be King.’ 

-‘If you did that Camilla would be Queen and the people would be very unhappy’ 

-‘If the people were unhappy about Camilla being Queen we would…’ etc. 


C: Have a vote. Each person can vote for any of the other groups (you cannot 

vote for yourself). 


Written by Alex Case for © 2008 

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