Second conditional movies discussion


Discussing films with if + past simple, would

By: Alex Case
Level: Intermediate
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Conditionals

Second conditional movies discussion

Choose sentence starters from below and try to make sentences that you both agree with, skipping any which you don’t understand for now.

Useful language for discussing the sentences

I agree./ Me too./ So… I.                                        

Really? I…

Share some of your sentences and see if other people in the class agree.

Ask about anything above which you don’t understand, trying to make sentences that other people in the class agree with each time.

Why do all the sentences have second conditional? Could any also be okay in other tenses such as first conditional?

Change partner. This time without any help, try to make other second conditional sentences that you both agree with, starting with related topics such as TV if you can.  


Second conditional sentences about movies to complete

  • If all cinemas disappeared
  • If all movies were available to stream from their first day in the cinema
  • If all movies were in black and white
  • If cinemas showed Bollywood movies
  • If films on TV were in English with English subtitles
  • If I could act in a film
  • If I could ban movies
  • If I could censor movies
  • If I could change one thing about modern movies
  • If I could change the ending of…
  • If I could choose any actor to act in my movie
  • If I could decide on what films to show during a film festival
  • If I could direct a movie
  • If I could finance a movie
  • If I could make a movie out of a book
  • If I could make a sequel to a movie
  • If I could make a TV spinoff of a movie
  • If I could only take one movie to a desert island
  • If I could organise next year’s Oscars
  • If I could produce a film
  • If I could remake an old movie
  • If I could understand English movies better
  • If I had a 3D television/ a better TV
  • If I had a cinema in my house
  • If I made a film
  • If I was a film critic/ a film extra/ a movie star/ a voiceover artist
  • If more directors from this country made movies in English
  • If more Hollywood movies had actors from my country
  • If movies didn’t exist
  • If movies were still silent
  • If my 12-year-old child wanted to see a 15-certificate movie
  • If my boyfriend/ girlfriend only liked… movies
  • If someone wanted to learn slang in my language from watching movies
  • If there was a movie theatre near my house
  • If there were more female directors
  • If there were more serious punishments for illegal downloading
  • If they changed to ending of… to…
  • If they made a movie about my life
  • If they made a prequel to/ sequel to…
  • If they remade the movie…
  • If they taught (more) about movies in schools
  • If VR was better, more popular and cheaper
  • If we could plug movies straight into our brains

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