Selling ecological goods verbs of sensation practice


Sense verbs practice on the environment

Selling ecological goods verbs of sensation practice

Choose one of the things below and work together to imagine a better version than what presently exists. Decide on its advantages and compare it to other products, including how green it is. You can compare to non-ecological goods and/ or current ecological products.

Useful phrases for describing new products

It’s similar to… but it looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes (like)…

It looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes (like)…but it…

It looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes as good as… but it…

It looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes better than… and also…

It’s better than…  because it looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes (like)…

It… but it still looks/ smells/ sounds/ feels/ tastes (like)…


Useful questions for asking about new products

What does it taste like/ look like/ smell like/ feel like/ sound like?

Does it look/ sound/ smell/ feel/ taste (like/ as good as/ better than)…?



air conditioner                               animal                                            battery

bin/ trash can                                building                            bus

car                                                                 chemical                                        cleaning products

clothing                                          countryside                                    drink

electronics                                                   food                                               furniture

gas(oline)/ petrol                                        green space                                  heating

lighting (light bulb, etc)                lorry/ truck                                      make up

materials                                                      metal                                              natural resources

packaging                                                    personal grooming product

plant                                                             plastic                                             power

power station                                reading material                           sporting equipment

sporting venue                              toilet paper                                    town

transport                                                       water


Change groups and describe your new product until your partner agrees to buy that product or until you give up trying to persuade them. Then switch roles and do the same.


Verbs of sensation with and without like as a preposition grammar presentation

What is wrong with these sentences? Why are they wrong?

It looks like beautiful. X

It sounds a normal sports car. X

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