Simple Adjective Questions


Basic adjectives speaking

Basic adjectives discussion questions

Take turns asking each other interesting questions from below.

  • Does bad coffee make you angry?
  • Which famous actresses are beautiful? Why do you think that?
  • Do you have a big family?
  • Is having a clean toilet in your house important?
  • What temperature is really cold?
  • Are you cold now? Are you hot? Why/ why not?
  • What kinds of housework are difficult?
  • What things in your house are dirty now?
  • What computer programs are easy to use?
  • Is anything in your bag expensive?
  • Is this English course expensive, do you think?
  • Which famous people are good people? Which are bad? Why do you think that?
  • Which foods are good for your health? Which foods are bad?
  • Are you happy? Why/ why not?
  • Do you like hot weather?
  • What times are you usually hungry?
  • What electric things are important to you?
  • Was your journey here long?
  • What ages are old? What ages are young?
  • What orange things do you have?
  • What purple things do you like?
  • Do you like red cars? Why/ why not?
  • How much money is rich?
  • How many centimetres is tall?
  • When are you usually tired?
  • Which buildings are ugly?
  • Do you sometimes go out with wet hair? Why/ why not?

Ask about any questions which you can’t understand, couldn’t answer, etc, working together to answer them. 

Which words above are opposites?


Without looking above, ask your partner questions using these adjectives. They can be questions that you remember from the last activity, or your own questions.

bad                                   beautiful                           big                                     clean

cold                                   difficult                dirty                                   easy

good                                 happy                               hot                                     hungry

important                          long                                  old

red/ yellow/ green/ blue/ purple/ brown/ black/ white/ orange

rich                                    tall                                     thin                                    tired

ugly                                   wet                                    young

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