Simple Past Sentence Completion Guessing Games


Completing sentences with the Past Simple tense games

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Lesson Plan Content:

Past Simple sentence completion games

Play the game or games that your teacher tells you to.


Past Simple sentence completion guessing game

Fill the sentences below with true information, then read out only the parts you have written for the other students to guess which sentence you wrote those things in.


Past Simple sentence completion bluffing game

Fill at least half of the sentences below with a mix of true and not true information. Read out your sentences for the other students to try to guess which are true, perhaps after asking you for more information.

  • I ___________________________________________ just after I got up this morning.
  • I _________________________________________________ just before this lesson.
  • I _________________________________________________ three times yesterday.
  • I first ____________________________________________ last week/ month/ year.
  • I last _____________________________________________ last week/ month/ year.
  • I ___________________________________________ yesterday but I haven’t today.
  • I ______________________________ the day before yesterday but I didn’t yesterday.
  • I ______________________________________ last month but I haven’t this month.
  • I __________________________________________ last week and it was horrible.
  • I _____________________________ my mother’s/ father’s mobile phone last week.
  • I ________________________________________________ on Sunday on my own.
  • I first/ last ______________________________________________ a long time ago.
  • I last ______________________________three or four days/ weeks/ months/ years.
  • I _______________________________________________ my backpack last week.
  • I ____________________________________________ some clothes last weekend.
  • I ________________________________________________________ at a festival.
  • I first ________________________________________ a computer earlier this year.
  • I ______________________________________________ a lot when I was younger.
  • I __________________________________________ my friend the week before last.
  • I ___________________________________________ my parents earlier this week.
  • I last went bowling ____________________________________________________.
  • I last got a haircut ____________________________________________________.
  • I last had a picnic _____________________________________________________.
  • I first took a picture ___________________________________________________.
  • I last helped my parents ________________________________________________.
  • I first learnt a musical instrument _________________________________________.
  • I last played the piano _________________________________________________.

Ask about any sentences you couldn’t complete, etc.

Extension: Play the other game above, but without the worksheet above to help.

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