Sports & Olympics- Twenty Questions


Guessing sports yes/ no questions games

By: Alex Case
Level: Intermediate
Topic: Sport
Grammar Topic: Questions

Sports 20 questions guessing game

Choose one of the sports below and answer your partner’s Yes/ No questions until they guess which sport you are thinking of. Don’t answer Wh- questions.

Suggested yes/ no questions to ask about sports

Do you play it indoors/ outdoors?

Do you play in/on a court/ field/ pitch/ pool/ rink/ ring/ table/ stadium/…?

Do you wear a helmet/ goggles/ a hat/ padding/ shoulder pads/ shin pads/ knee pads/ a face guard/ a tooth guard/ gloves/ a box/ studs/ special shoes…?

Do you use a cue/ bat/ ball/ shuttlecock/…?

Is the ball big/ hard/ made of…?

Can you use your head/ foot/ hand/…?

Can you throw/ catch/ tackle/ walk with the ball/ sit down…?

Is there a goal/ hole/ net/ sin bin/ referee…?

Do you have to be fit/ young/ strong/ male/ skilful/ tall/ intelligent/ fast/ …?

Does this sport come from Asia/ the UK/ the US/…?

Is this sport popular with boys/ girls/ old people/…?

Is this sport played in the Olympics/ this country/ schools…?

Is this sport fast/ violent/ professional/ well known/ expensive/ tiring/ competitive/ dangerous/…?

Is it a martial art/ a contact sport/ a winter sport/ a team sport…?

Have you ever played this sport?

Do you play/ like/ watch this sport?

Is it often/ sometimes on (terrestrial) TV?

Is there somewhere to play this near here/ in this city/ in this country/…?

Can you practice in your house/ in a park/…?


Baseball                                                      Horse racing                  Squash

Table tennis (= ping pong)                        Boxing                              Rugby

Australian rules football              Angling                            Rowing

Athletics                                                       Marathon                                       Canoeing

Kayaking                                                     Sailing                              Curling

Lacrosse                                                      Polo                                                Volleyball

Weightlifting                                                Softball                             Rounders

Cricket                                            Pool                                                Snooker

Billiards                                          Darts                                               Ultimate Frisbee

Pitch and putt                                Sumo wrestling                            Croquet

Greco-Roman wrestling              Karate                                            Kung fu

Taekwondo                                                  (Field) hockey                 Ice hockey

Football (= soccer)                                     Speed skating                 Windsurfing      

Nordic / cross country skiing      Mountaineering              Hiking

Rock climbing                               Free climbing                  Scuba diving

Archery                                          Fencing                                          Kendo

Skiing                                                           Snowboarding                Surfing

Mountain biking                            Golf                                                 Crazy golf

Polo                                                              Water polo        

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