Sports Vocabulary- Janglish


Typical sports vocabulary errors for Japanese-speaking learners of English

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: Sport
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
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Lesson Plan Content:

Sports Janglish

Typical sports vocabulary problems for Japanese learners of English

What does the name “soft tennis” have in common with “salaryman”, “Walkman”, “cosplay” and “anime”?

What’s the difference between “billiards” and “pool”?

What do all the expressions above have in common?

Can you think of any other examples of “Janglish” connected to sport?

What’s the difference in meaning between each pair of words or expressions?

a heading/ a header                                   basket/ basketball

bound/ bounce                                            change ends/ change court

cheer/ yell                                                                  dead heat/ close game

flying start/ false start                                 handy/ handicap

rugger/ rugby player                                  sailing boat/ yacht

smart/ slim                                                                 spats/ leggings

trainers/ tracksuit                                                      trumps/ cards


What do these “Janglish” expressions mean?

aerobike                                         auto bi                back net                           baton touch

called game                                   catch ball                         cheer girl                          dead ball

don(‘t) mi(nd)                  fighting!              full base                           gerende

guts pose                                       high touch                        loss time                          no count

no touch                                         seat knock                       shoot chance    stand play


Add letters to the following to make the words and expressions correct in British and American English:

aerobic (n)                                     ama                                  Ame foot                          batter box

beach volley                                  billiard                              body buil                          goggle

Olympic (n)                                    one side game  pitcher mound   pro wres

start line                                         starting block                  time up               under throw


What are the differences in meaning between these words in English and Japanese?

bike                                                 billiards              cameraman                                   to challenge


How are these words pronounced in British or American English?

Asia                                                court/ coat                                      puck/ pack                       squash


What other meanings do these words have in English?

clay                                                 crawl                                               scout                                 wood


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