Sports Vocabulary- List Dictation and Speaking


Vocabulary related to sports and exercise listening and speaking, with bluffing game

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: Sport
Grammar Topic: Vocabulary
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Lesson Plan Content:

Sports vocabulary list dictation and speaking

Without looking at the list below, listen to your teacher read out words until you are sure you can guess which sport or category of sports they are connected to. You must get exactly the category they have written, so wait before you guess if it could be more than one sport. Each student can only guess once per round.

  • touchdown, defence, quarterback, helmet, shoulder pad, catch
  • rod, bait, line, catch, hook, fly, reel, waders
  • bell, false start, flying start, sprint, starting blocks, lane, lap, middle-distance, relay, track, jump the gun, (pass the) baton, the homestretch, pacesetter
  • shuttlecock, racket, net, serve, return, doubles, drop shot, smash
  • diamond, pitcher, catch, glove, home run, run, innings, pitch, out, strike, ball, bases loaded, bat, batter, batter's box, bunt, curve ball, dugout, ground ball, home plate, outfield(er), shortstop, slider, steal, strike out, strike zone, tag, walk, ballpark, (first) base, (go to) bat, swing, play ball, step up to the plate, touch base
  • court, dribble, shoot, defend, time out, basket, backboard, rebound, block, bounce, bounce pass, hoop, jump shot, MVP, shot clock, (slam) dunk, travelling
  • cox, oar, boat, loudhailer, stroke, sail, tack, yacht, compass, knot, anchor, wind, tide
  • strike, split, clear, lane, finger holes, gutter
  • towel, corner, ring, win on points, referee, tooth guard, round, count, bare-knuckled, bout, combination, fist, gloves, hook, jab, knockdown, knockout / KO, promoter, southpaw, split decision, weigh-in, (hitting below) the belt, jab, (on the) ropes, (pull his) punches, (saved by) the bell, throw in the towel.
  • innings, ball, bowl, bat, stumps, pads, spin, bowler, fielder, catch, a six, a four, draw, one day, five day, helmet, umpire, duck, century, tea, bad light, rain stops play
  • table, cue, the black, pot, chalk, baize, pocket, spot, the D,
  • sprint, track, yellow jersey, saddle, handlebars, frame, pedal, peloton
  • 501, bull’s eye, board, 180, double, triple, shaft, flight
  • referee, goal, goalkeeper, striker, attacker, midfielder, pitch, area, corner, linesman, dribble, shoot, tackle, foul, penalty, shoot, shot, shots on goal, shin pads, five a side, transfer, goalie/ keeper, injury time, kick off, (goal) post, (cross)bar
  • 19th hole, birdie, buggy/ cart, bunker, caddie, driver, eagle, fairway, green, grip, handicap, hazard, iron, open, par, putter, slice, swing, tee, wood, the cut, the rough
  • bar, horse, landing, mat, rings, dismount, somersault, vault
  • jockey, paddocks, thoroughbred, jump, betting, track, Ascot, hats, flat, gelding, jump, fence, gallop, first out of the gate, in the running, neck and neck
  • the pits, lap, pole (position), grand prix, crash, tyre change, retire, chequered flag
  • try, conversion, scrum, drop kick, sin bin, tackle, forwards, backs, pass, fumble, offside, hooker
  • air tank, flippers, mask, wet suit,
  • slope, pole, snow, powder, goggles, slalom, aerial, Alpine, biathlon, gates, Nordic,
  • stroke, turn, goggles, trunks, hat, dive/ plunge, butterfly, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, length, the deep end, the shallow end
  • net, table, spin, bat/ paddle, serve
  • net, court, umpire, serve, out, on the line, return, ace, advantage, backhand, ball boy, baseline, break, break point, crosscourt, deuce, double fault, drop shot, forehand, game point, Grand Slam, groundstroke, let, line judge, lob, love, match point, mixed doubles, racket / racquet, rally, set, set point, tiebreaker, volley

Label the sections above by sport or category of sport.

Hint: The lists are in alphabetical order by sport.

Check your answers as a class.

Test each other in pairs with the same list dictation activity.

Make similar lists for other sports, using dictionaries etc to help if you like.

Describe sports which are like combinations of two different sports, e.g. two of those in the list above or your own ideas. Possible things to talk about:

  • Equipment
  • Venue
  • Scoring/ Points
  • Actions
  • Rules
  • Timings
  • People involved
  • Other numbers, e.g. dimensions

Describe the one true sport and two imaginary sports that you are given (maybe after researching the true sport) to another group. Can the people who are listening guess which one really exists?


Combination sports bluffing cards



Combining sports

Group A

True - Ski-football

Imaginary - Hardcore soccer (a combination of soccer and contact sports such as American football or ice hockey)

Imaginary – Submersible car races (racing a car first on land and then underwater)


Combining sports

Group B

True - Football tennis

Imaginary - Baseketball (a combination of baseball and basketball)

Imaginary - Bungeeball (a combination of bungee jumping and handball)


Combining sports

Group C

True - Chessboxing

Imaginary - Ice hockey squash (ice hockey played against a wall with just two players)

Imaginary - Skeet surfing (shooting from a surfboard)


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