State of Emergency in Nepal

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State of emergency in Nepal 



This exercise gives you practice in the cloze exercises where you have to modify words 

to complete the text.    Complete the gaps using the correct form of the word given in 






1)  Free 

2)  Peace 


3)  Stable 

4)  Critic 

5)  Set 

6)  Monarch 

7)  Democrat 

8)  King 

9)  Mine 

10) Reside 

11) Grocer 

12) Parliament 

13) Revolt 

14) Stable 

In a surprise move, the king of Nepal declared a state of emergency, 

and dismissed the government.    He also announced restrictions on 

the 1) _______ of the press and the right of 2) _______ 

demonstration.  Neighbouring countries expressed concern about 

the risk of increased 3) _______ in the country.  The Indian 

government has been particularly 4) _______ of the move, which it 

says is a 5) _______ for democracy.  Nepal has been a 

constitutional 6) _______ since 1990, when the previous king 

introduced 7) _______ to the 8) _______.    Critics say the king has 

9) _______ the political institutions by his decision. 


In Katmandu, worried 10) _______ rushed to stock up on fuel and 

11) _______. The king accused the government of failing to hold 

12) _______ elections and of not managing to deal with the 

violence of the Maoist 13) _______ that is 14) _______ many areas 

of the country.