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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Student Loans 


In most lines, there is a word which should not be there.    In the spaces on the right, 

write the incorrect word or put a tick to show that the line is correct. 


1.  for (2) 

2.  for 




4.  from 


5.  to 

6.  per/a 




8.  the 


9.  more 

10.  back 




12.  the 





14.  in 

15.  the (1) 




17.  the 


1.  In England, full-time undergraduate students are eligible for a student loan for   

2.  to pay university tuition fees. The student loans are paid for the university directly 

3.  on behalf of the students and students only have to pay them back once they have 

4.  graduated or left from university and are earning over £15,000. 


5.  The government has decided to let universities to vary the tuition fees they charge 

6.  students. Universities can charge anything from nothing to £3,000 per a year. To 

7.  charge higher rates, universities must to promote fair access, so that students from 

8.  all the backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 


9.  Students from more lower income families are entitled to a maintenance grant   

10.  which does not have to be repaid back.    Universities also have to offer bursaries 

11.  to these students if the fees are higher than the grant, though this can take various 

12.  forms of the financial assistance. 


13.  The government hopes that the grants and bursaries will enable students from   

14.  poorer backgrounds to enter in university without getting burdened with   

15.  the debt.    They also say that they will write off any the balance of any unpaid   

16.  student loans 25 years after the student has graduated, though this does not extend 

17.  to amounts in the arrears. 

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