Subject questions culture quiz


Trivia quiz to practise subject questions

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Questions

Subject questions culture quiz

Test each other on the culture of your country/ countries with questions like those below (asking your partner about their own country). If you are playing for points, you get one point for each time your partner says “I don’t know” but not if they say “Maybe…”, “I think…”, “I’m not sure but I guess…”, etc.  

  • Which foreign country most loves your country?
  • Which foreign country most hates your country?
  • Which actors from your country have won Oscars/ Academy Awards?
  • Which singers and/ or groups from your country are most popular in the USA?
  • Which comedies from your country are the funniest for foreign people?
  • Which (visual) artists from your country are famous abroad/ popular abroad?
  • Which flower is the symbol of your country/ town/ local area?
  • Which fashion brand from your country has shops in Europe/ in Hong Kong/ in…?
  • Which animal is the symbol of your country/ town/ local area?
  • Which teams from your country have recently won the regional championship (Asian Champions League, etc)?
  • Which novelist from your country sells most books abroad?
  • Which writer from your country has sold most books abroad?
  • Which ingredient from your country works best in fusion food?
  • Which person from your country has most influence abroad?
  • Which person from your country do foreigners find most inspiring?


  • Which number is unluckiest in your country?
  • Which number is luckiest in your country?
  • Who is the most famous person in your country who is not famous abroad?
  • Who is the most glamorous celebrity from your country?


  • Which is the healthiest food from your country?
  • What is the unhealthiest food from your country?
  • Which food from your country is best if you have a cold?
  • Which normal action in other places do people in your country think is unhealthy?
  • Which normal action in your country do people in other places think is unhealthy?
  • Which common actions in your country would people in other places think was dangerous?

Ask about any questions which you don’t understand, are not sure how to answer, are wondering about your teacher’s country, etc.

Which questions above are not subject questions?

Make similar questions to test your teacher on their knowledge of their own country.

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