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Cambridge Advanced (CAE) Use of English Practice 

This exercise gives you practice in the cloze exercises where you have to modify words 
to complete the text.  Complete the gaps using the correct form of the word given in bold


Britain’s (1) ____ could be threatened by a lack of practical science 

teaching, according to a recent report that says experiments inspire 

young (2) ____. The survey science teachers found that most lacked 

time for experiments, while many said (3) ____ rules had put them 

off. A previous survey had found that fears about some pupil’s poor 

(4) ____ was the main reason why many schools cancelled science 



The vast majority of school science teachers surveyed said learning 

with more experiments and (5) ____ inquiry would have a significant 

impact on performance. More than half of heads of science said they 

had cancelled (6) ____ experiments because of the danger of  

(7) ____.  


In a (8) ____ developed society, the ability of learners to analyse is 

(9) ____ important. Scientific (10) ____ now needs to take its place 

as a major part of the school curriculum. 


More (11) ____ approaches in science teaching could make it more 

(12) ____ for students, the report says. Too much science teaching 

fails to convey the excitement of exploring the (13) ____.  



1) Compete 


2) Science 

3) Safe 


4) Behave 




(5) Science 


(6) Practice 

(7) Injure 


(8) Technology 

(9) Increase 

(10) Literate 


(11) Innovate 

(12) Enjoy 

(13) Know