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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Technical English mimes (Present Continuous/ Technical vocabulary) 
Worksheet One- Controlled Speaking 

Mime some of the sentences below silently and see if your partner can guess which one 
you are acting out: 

You are driving a fork lift truck 
You are using a fire extinguisher 
You are changing the oil in a car 
You are using a jack 
You are measuring the table 
You are estimating how many hairs there are on your partner’s head 
You are changing gear 
You are weighing yourself 
You are polishing your computer screen 
You are using a calculator 
You are painting a fence 
You are ticking a safety checklist 
You are putting a safety certicificate on the wall 
You are taking someone on a tour of your factory/   
You are tidying up your desk 
You are cleaning your desk 
You are mopping the floor 
You are putting on a mask 
You are taking off your goggles 
You are adjusting the strap on a hard hat 
You are clocking in 
You are signaling for a truck to back up 
You are slipping on a wet floor 
You are clicking and dragging a document 
You are mending a leaking pipe 
You are stretching a rubber band 
You are unlocking the safe 
You are attaching a new printer to your computer. 
You are flushing the toilet. 
You are spilling your coffee 

Mime one more time, this time guessing without looking at the sentences 

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 


Technical English mimes (Present Continuous/ Technical vocabulary) 
Worksheet Two- Grammar Presentation and Practice   

Why do we use the present continuous ( I am doing, he is doing etc.) for mimes and not 
the Present Simple (I do, he does etc.)? 


Put the correct tense into the following questions pairs of questions (there is one 
Present Simple question and one Present Continuous question in each pair): 

How many hours a week _____________________________ (you work)? 
What project _________________________________ (you work on) at the moment? 
____________________ (you feel) tired? 
_____________________(you usually feel) tired when you finish work? 
How often ____________________________________ (you use) a computer? 
How many people in your office ______________________ (use) a computer now, do you 

Ask and answer the questions above in pairs. 


Ask each other more questions using the verbs on Worksheet 1, both with the Present 
Simple (routines) and the Present Continuous (things happening now/ temporarily).   

Written by Alex Case for © 2007 

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