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Published: 22nd Nov 2007

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Telephoning Problems Challenge Board Game 

Rules of the game: Choose a counter to represent each person (e.g. different erasers or coins) and place them all on square 1. 

Choose who will start first. That person must a telephone conversation with their partner to solve the problem on the square they 

are on. They can then move forward a number of squares depending on how well they solved it: Did not find a solution= move 

forward only one square./Solved the problem and spoke well and politely= move forward 4 squares/ Solved the problem, but with 

difficulty or not using polite English= move 2 or 3 squares. 

1. You don’t know what number to 



2. You don’t know who to speak 



3. You don’t know which extension 



6.  The receptionist mispronounces 

your name


5. The person you want to speak to 

has left the company


4. The person you want to speak to is 

in a meeting 

7. Nobody with that name works in 

the company



The person you want to 

speak to is on another line 

9. You are put on hold for a very 

long time


12. The person you want to speak to 

is out of the office 


11. You can’t pronounce the name of 

the person you want to speak to 

(“Mr. Boisseaux”) 

10. You have dialled the wrong 



13. The person you want to speak to 

is not at their desk 


14. The person you want to speak to 

is away on a business trip


15. You have phoned the same 

person many times and they are still 

not available 



 You want to leave a 


17. You are put through to the wrong 



16. Your phone is 



19. You want the mobile number of 

the person you want to speak to 

20. You get a mobile answer 



21. The person you speak to can 

only speak to you for one minute   

24. You can’t hear the person’s 

voice very well


23. The person you speak to is not 

available for a meeting at the time 

you would like 

22. You mobile battery is running 



25. You have a bad signal on your 



26. The person you are speaking to 

won’t stop speaking and finish the 


27. Congratulations, you have 

finished the game! 



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