Telephoning in English- Discussion and Personalised Practice


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Telephoning in English- Discussion and Personalised Practice
How often do you telephone in English? What is your typical telephone call in English like
(topic, nationality you are speaking to, length, purpose, whether you know the person or
not, formality, etc)?

When was your last telephone conversation in English? What was it like?

What are the general differences between telephone calls in your own language and
telephone calls in English?

What are the difficulties of telephoning in English? What makes it not as difficult as it could

What can you do to make telephoning easier?

What can you do to prepare for a telephone call?

Personalised practice
Choose one telephone conversation that you have had in English (or are likely to have in
the future if you’ve never had one). Describe it to your partner, then roleplay it with them.
Discuss how realistic it was and how you could have improved the phone call, then
roleplay the same conversation twice more – the second time changing roles.

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