Telephoning- Starting and Finishing


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Published: 2nd Feb 2011

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Starting and ending telephone calls
Without looking below, listen to your teacher and raise your card depending on whether what they  
say comes from near the beginning of a phone call (“Starting”) or near the end (“Ending”). 

Label each section below with “Starting” or “Ending”, depending on where they go in a typical  
telephone conversation.
How can I help you?
Alex Case speaking
Stuart Smith’s phone/ office/ desk
HLDS Limited
01323 3391 746
Can I ask who is calling?

OK, speak to you then
I’ll tell him you called
Have a good weekend.
It’s been nice talking to you.

Thanks for all your help
I think that’s all, thanks
Was there anything else (that I can help you with today)?
Can I call you back (in a minute/ in a second)?
OK, I’ll pass that message onto him

Is that Diane?
I’m afraid he isn’t here at the moment.
Is this a good time?
Can I speak to Mr Smith, please?/ Can you put me through to Mr Smith?
I need to speak to someone in your marketing department.
I’m phoning about the new design. 

Hi Alex. This is Tetsuya. 
I got a message that I should call you.
This is Alex again. We were cut off.

I won’t keep you any longer
I really must be going
I have a call on another line
I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

Do you have time to talk?
I’m returning your call.
Someone called me from this number.
Who shall I say is calling?

Check your answers with the teacher, and then test each other in pairs or small groups. 

Written by Alex Case for © 2011

Starting and ending telephone calls – Worksheet 2
Teacher’s Instructions
 – Photocopy and cut up the worksheet below so that each student has one of  
each card, i.e. one copy of this sheet for each group of 12 students. 

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Starting Ending Starting Ending

Written by Alex Case for © 2011

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