Things people love or hate like and be like game


Like as a verb and preposition speaking on strong preferences

Things people love or hate like and be like game

Choose one of the things below and ask “What is… like?” Your partner will try to describe that thing without giving their feelings away. Then guess if they like that thing or not. The things divided by a slash (/) are similar but not the same, so choose just one of those things to talk about each time.

Useful phrases for playing the game

“What is… like?”/ “What are… like?”

“What do(es)… look like/ sound like/ smell like/ taste like/ feel like?”

“I think you love/ really like/ like/ don’t mind/ don’t like/ really don’t like/ hate + it/ them.”

“That’s right.”

“That’s almost right, but…”

“Actually, I… it/ them.”


ale/ lager                                                                                  American football/ rugby

anchovies                                                                                baseball/ cricket

beetroot                                                                                    blue cheese

Brazilian music/ easy listening music                   Brussels sprouts/ cabbage

bullfighting/ rodeo                                                                   camping/ caravanning

celery                                                                                       cilantro = coriander

coconut/ walnuts                                                                    coffee/ matcha

country music                                                           Crocs/ flipflops

Disneyland                                                                              fennel

Hawaiian pizza                                                         hiking

horror movies                                                            Justin Bieber

kidneys/ liver                                                                           Kim Kardashian

kimchi                                                                                       leisurewear/ sportswear

liquorice/ marzipan                                                                 MacDonalds

Marmite/ Vegemite                                                                 mushrooms

natto                                                                                         opera

oysters/ shellfish                                                                    pink

porridge = oatmeal                                                                 punk rock/ heavy metal

red bean jam = sweet red beans                                         rollercoasters/ tea cups/ pirate ships

sashimi                                                                      sea urchin

selfies                                                                                       snails

social media                                                                            squid/ octopus

tofu                                                                                            Tom Cruise

Venom                                                                        wasabi/ horseradish


Ask about any you don’t know and see if you can guess your teacher’s feelings about them.


Work together to explain the similarities and differences between ones divided by a slash (/) above.

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