Tokyo Share Crisis


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Published: 1st Sep 2007

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Tokyo Share Crisis 


Fill in the gaps with prepositions 


The Tokyo stock market was forced to shut down ____ the first time ____ 57 years today 

after fraud allegations that surround pioneering internet portal firm Livedoor panicked 

many investors and sent shares ____ a tailspin.  

Just twenty minutes ____ the stock market was scheduled to close, the Tokyo Stock 

Exchange said it could not accept any new orders ____ listed shares or bonds as a surge 

in sell orders threatened to crash their computerised trading system.  

Japanese stocks plunged ____ free-fall as this scandal surrounding the Livedoor group 

made investors panic ____ a second day. 

The decision to shut the stock exchange, and to only open it ____ a limited time on 

Thursday – was yet another grim blow to investor confidence, as the TSE has been 

responsible ____ two days of system-related chaos in the past few months. 

Brokers reported making vain attempts to explain the situation ____ clients as "nothing 

more than a three-day panic". Many decried the move as the panic of "gamblers who 

thought they had the grit play ____ a high-stakes table, but would actually be better-off 

playing the slot machines." 

In one of the worst trading days for years the ‘Livedoor Shock’ sent the Nikkei 225 Index 

into a nosedive throughout the morning, crashing ____ by more than 700 points before 

staging a modest rally later.  

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