Too and enough with opposites reversi memory game


Learning adjectives with too and enough with a version of Othello

By: Alex Case
Level: All Levels
Topic: General
Grammar Topic: Quantifiers

Instructions for teachers


Choose 10 to 15 cards which are most suitable for your students, some of which they already know but most of which are probably unknown (but are suitable for their level), e.g. four from Level 1 and nine from Level 2. Photocopy and cut out the cards so that the two parts which mean the same are still attached to each other, with one pack per group of two to four students. Ask students to fold the cards so that the part with “too…” and the part with “not… enough” are on opposite sides, then put them in a line on the table, with either side up.

Playing the game

The first person tries to guess what is on the opposite side of the first card. If their guess is correct, they leave the card the other way up and try the next card, continuing until they make a mistake. Their guess must be the same words as on the other side, but if more than one option is given then they only need to say one of them.

After they make a mistake and stop, the next person then does the same, starting from the first cards the other way around (because their partner already did them and left them the other way up), then hopefully continuing with cards which no one has tried yet. The winner is the first person to do the whole row of cards in order in one go without making a mistake. Everyone must start from the first card each time.


Playing cards

Level 1


too sad to sing



too bad at dodgeball


too short to play basketball


not happy enough to sing



not good enough at dodgeball


not tall enough to play basketball


too big/ large for my suitcase


too young for school


too slow to win



not small enough/ little enough for my suitcase



not old enough for school


not fast enough to win/ not quick enough to win


this belt is too short



this smartphone is too old



this belt isn’t long enough



this smartphone isn’t new enough



Level 2


this lesson is too boring



too loud for the library


too far to jump


this lesson isn’t interesting enough



not quiet enough for the library


not near enough/ not close enough to jump


the sandwich is too thin



the homework is too easy


too early to sleep


the sandwich isn’t thick enough



the homework isn’t hard enough/ difficult enough


not late enough to sleep


too dark to see



this room is too dirty


too expensive to buy


not light enough to see/ not bright enough to see



this room isn’t clean enough


not cheap enough to buy


Level 3


this tea is too weak



too poor to marry


too high to jump over/ too tall to jump over


this tea isn’t strong enough



not rich enough to marry


not low enough/ short enough to jump over


too heavy to lift



too narrow for the truck


too rough to slide on


not light enough to lift



not wide enough/ not broad enough for the truck


not smooth enough to slide on


too dangerous for children



too dry to grow flowers



not safe enough for children



not wet enough to grow flowers



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