Travel English- Imperatives and Requests Practice


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Travel English- Imperatives and Requests Practice
Add just “Please…” to all the phrases below which are correct sentences with just that
added, because they are orders/ instructions/ commands or because they are offers (of
help etc). Make sure that you don’t just add “
Please…” to requests. Note that some of the
commands could also take request forms, but in this case you should just add “
to them at this stage.

accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused

board from gate 23

book a restaurant for us

check what I should write here

come this way

dial nine for the front desk

do not leave any baggage unattended

empty your pockets and take off all belts, jewellery, watches, coats and shoes

explain these items on my bill

fill in landing cards before you reach the immigration desks

get past

have a wake-up call at 7 a.m

have another look at the dessert menu

have your boarding passes and passports ready for inspection

let me know when you are ready to order

open all the blinds

order some room service

pay by credit card

put coats and jackets onto the belt too

put your chairs into an upright position

recommend something to do with small kids

remain seated until the plane comes to a complete standstill

remain seated until your seat number is called

remove any metal items and step through the metal detector again

remove computers from your hand luggage and put them through separately

return to your seats

see your boarding pass and passport

sit anywhere you like

stand over here and raise your arms

stow your tables ready for landing

take me to this address

take the monorail to terminal two

tell me how to adjust the temperature in the room

translate this for me

turn off your mobile phones or switch them to aircraft mode

Add “Can you…?” or “Can I…?” to all the other sentences above (or similar forms like
“Could I possibly…?”)

Are any of the commands/ orders/ instructions above better with “Can/ Could” forms?

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Without looking above for now, brainstorm questions using each of the starters given for
each of the people below. Phrases not above are also okay.
Asking for information
Can I check…?
Can I pay…?
Can you explain…?
Can you recommend…?
Can you tell me…?
Can I have…?
Can I order…?
Could you possibly book…?
Sorry, can I…?
Sorry, could you…?
Would it be possible to…?
Airport check-in staff
Please board…
Please take…
Please have…
Please take off…
Please put…
Please remove…
Please stand…
Airport announcements (including at the gate)
Please accept…
Please board…
Please do not leave…
Please remain…
Announcements in the aircraft
Please do not…
Please listen…
Please open…
Please put…
Please remain…
Please return…
Please stow…
Please turn off…
Please fill in…
Please have…
Hotel staff
Please dial…

Look at the first worksheet to check your sentences and for more ideas.

Written by Alex Case for © 2019

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