Verb Patterns- Sentence Completion Guessing Games


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Verb Patterns- Sentence Completion Guessing Games

Play the game or games below that your teacher tells you to.

Game A: Verb patterns sentence completion guessing game
Fill at least half the sentences below with true information for you. Read out just the part
that you have written in one gap (not the printed words around it) and see if your partner
can guess which sentence you wrote that in (from the grammar of the words you say, the
logic of the sentence, and what they know and can guess about you).

Useful phrases for playing the game
“No, that isn’t possible (grammatically) because…”
“No, that doesn’t make (much) sense because…”
“No, that isn’t true for more because….”
“That is also true, but it isn’t the sentence I’ve written”
“Yes, that is exactly what I’ve written”

Game B: Verb patterns sentence completion bluff
Fill the sentences above with a mixture of true and false information, being very careful to
put the right grammar in each gap. Read out one sentence and see if your partner can
guess whether it is a fact or not, perhaps after answering questions about that thing (you
can continue lying if it was a made up example).

Game C: Verb patterns sentence completion things in common
Try to find sentences below that you can both/ all complete in the same way.

Verb patterns grammar presentation
Before, during or after the activities above, go through what grammatical form is needed in
each of the gaps below.

Try to find verbs which have similar or opposite meanings and the same grammatical form
after them.

If your teacher tells you to, play the other game above, this time just saying what you
would put in each gap (without writing first).

Written by Alex Case for © 2018


Verb pattern sentences to complete and guess about your partner

 I aim ______________________________________________ by the end of this year.

 I always dread ________________________________________________________.

 I asked _______________________________________________ (but they refused).

 I can’t afford _______________________________________________ but I want to.

 I can’t remember ever __________________________________________________.

 I can’t stand __________________________________________________________.

 I could teach _________________________________________________________.

 I don’t let my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner/ brother/ sister


 I don’t mind ______________________________ (even though many people hate it).

 I enjoy ______________________________________________ (but it is bad for me).

 I expect my best friend _________________________________________________.

 I hope ___________________________________ someday (but I might never do it).

 I have made my boyfriend/ girlfriend/ husband/ wife/ partner/ brother/ sister


 I miss ______________________________________________________________.

 I object ___________________________ (but most other people don’t seem to care).

 I often forget _________________________________________________________.

 I often stop _____________________ when I am driving/ cycling/ walking a long way.

 I often waste time _____________________________________________________.

 I really should stop ___________________________________ (but I probably won’t).

 I regret ______________________________________________________________.

 I tried _________________________________________________, but it didn’t work.

 I tried ____________________________________________________, but I couldn’t.

 I try to avoid _______________________________ (but sometimes I have no choice).

 I would love _______________________________________ (if I had enough money).

 I would pay ____________________________________________ (I hate it so much).

 I would warn foreign people coming to this city _______________________________.

 I wouldn’t allow my grandchildren _________________________________________.

 I’d love to __________________________________, (but I’m not sure that I ever will).

Written by Alex Case for © 2018


 I’d refuse ___________________________________, (however much they paid me).

 I’ll never forget _______________________________________________________.

 I’ll never get used _____________________________________________________.

 I’ll probably keep (on) ____________________________ (even though I should stop).

 I’m really looking forward _______________________________________________.

 I’ve decided _____________________________________ (but I haven’t done it yet).

 I’ve totally stopped ____________________________________________________.

 Last month I forgot ____________________________________________________.

 Many people object ___________________________________________, but I don’t.

 My grandfather/ grandmother wanted ____________________________ (but I didn’t).

 My parents allowed __________________________________ (unlike other parents).

 My parents encouraged me _____________________________________________.

 My parents made ___________________________________ (unlike other parents).

 One of my teachers inspired _____________________________________________.

 You’d have to beg ____________________________________ (before I would do it).

Written by Alex Case for © 2018


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