Weather and Advice Practice


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Weather and Advice Practice

Ask for each other’s advice on what to do in particular weather conditions such as those
below, then react to that advice depending on how good or not you think it is.

Useful phrases for asking for advice
 How can I avoid…?
 How can I prepare for…?
 How can I find out if/ when…?
 I don’t know what to do if…
 I’m worried about…
 In your experience, what’s the best thing to do if…
 Is it safe to…?
 Is it safer to… or…?
 Is it worth… in case…?
 I’ve never experienced… What should I do in that case?
 Should I be worried about…?
 What precautions should I take if…?
 Would you recommend… (if/ when…)?
 Would… help with…?
 Would… work if…?

Suggested weather to ask about
 black ice
 blizzard
 boiling (hot)
 (sudden) downpour/ raining buckets/ raining cats and dogs
 drizzle
 flood/ flooding
 fog/ mist/ smog
 freezing (cold)
 hail
 heat wave
 heavy rain/ torrential rain
 humid/ high humidity
 hurricane/ typhoon/ cyclone/ tornado
 lightning/ thunderstorm
 monsoon/ rainy seasons
 sandstorm
 sleet
 strong sunshine (with no clouds)
 sudden changes in temperature
 unseasonal weather

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